Open Call for Gallery mladých 2023

Galerie TIC is announcing an Open Call for exhibition projects for Galerie mladých for 2023.

If you wish to participate, please submit your filled in application along with the description of your project with visual documentation and author portfolio. Send your submission to until July 10, 2022. The results will be published on the gallery’s web and Facebook page by the end of August 2022 at the latest. Further information about the exhibition catalogue of Galerie mladých with photo documentation and an exhibition archive can be found on

 The gallery offers:

 to cover financial costs in regard to the exhibition installation
 an artist/curator fee
 to collect and transport the exhibition
 basic PR (program printed material included)
 Content of application

 application form
 short description (recommended length 1 standard page) and visual documentation of the project
 artist/curatorial portfolio with your CV 


Kontext_3: Workshop reflexe privilegií

Září 2022 Bookshop GALERIE TIC
Workshop, který nás konfrontuje s vlastními společenskými determinacemi, předsudky a privilegii. Privilegia podmiňují společenskou hierarchii a ovlivňují mocenské nastavení společnosti. Často souvisejí s etnickou, genderovou, náboženskou i generační identitou. O co náročnější je pochopit situaci (ne)privilegovaných, o to je ve výsledku tato snaha léčivější pro celkové společenské klima.  Workshop povedou profesionálové, konkrétně jej pro nás připravil Martin (NaZemi) & Aster (SdruŽeny). Akce se volně váže ke dvěma samostatným výstavám, které v letošním roce uspořádala Galerie TIC, a to k výstavě Barbory Kleinhamplové I já přetékám a k výstavě Dominiky Dobiášové Pokoj pro ně pro všechny. Obě, ač jsou esteticky a mediálně hodně odlišné, spojuje příslušnost k feminismu, který je jednou z výrazných tendencí současného umění.
V případě zájmu se rezervujte na 
Vstup volný.

Brno Museum Night 2022

Galerie TIC
Radnická 4
21. 5. 2022
opening hours: 18.00–24.00
last entrance: 23.30

●       I, too, overflow / Barbora Kleinhamplová along with Mistress Velvet, Goddess Thea, Lucky and Lída / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře
●       Kouzlo nevyřčeného slibu / Tereza Vinklárková / Galerie mladých
●       Kontext_3 / Katarína Klusová / Galerie Kontext

 Additional program:
18.00 – 20.00 Bookshop / Workshop with Katarínou Klusová / Kontex_3 / workshop accompanies the exhibition under the title I, too, overflow by the artist Barbora Kleinhamplová.

18.00 – 23.00 bar in the gallery backyard

20.30 – 22.30 DJ
A stylish oasis in the very heart of Brno is looking forward to your visit with a portion of good music. Our taste buds will be delighted and don’t forget to quench your thirst, too. There will be food, there will be drinks, there will be music.

18.00 – 23.30 CIT Cinema / Bat Cave Cinema
Early evening in CIT Cinema, Radnická 4 – Galerie TIC, prepared by the Video Studio (Brno Faculty of Fine Arts). The program includes special film, video, and projection screenings.

Complete program will be available on our social media.

Brno Art Week 2022

► BRNO ART WEEK. Art festival for anyone who likes living culture.
► For the thirteenth time (!) Brno galleries, museums and schools are joining together to organize an event mapping the Brno art scene. 
►  The program consists of exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences, guided tours, lectures and other activities intended for the general and artistic public, families with children and school groups.
► Stay tuned!

► 18. – 24. 4. 2022
► Organizers: TIC BRNO and the Department of Art at the Faculty of Education (Masaryk university)
► Financial sponsors: statutory city of Brno and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
Attention art lovers! BRNO ART WEEK is here again!
► April 18 – 24, 2022

► Web 

Brno Art Week: party 2002

21. 4. 2022 / 18:00 - 22:00
Galerie TIC, Radnická 4

What were the cultural and social trends of 2002? And what was the art scene dealing with back then? What will this journey through time tell us about the present? Retro party in the TIC backyard on the occasion of visual art festival Brno Art Week. The festival is hosted by TIC Brno and the Department of Art (Faculty of Education) in collaboration with Brno galleries, museums, and universities. The festival program includes exhibitions, performances, workshops, conferences, guided tours, lectures, and other activities oriented both on the art and wider public, families with children and even school groups. The aim of the festival is to develop a long-term relationship with galleries and their visitors and to mediate art through current and attractive forms.


Video games, apps, virtual and expanded reality - visual digital technologies became an integral part of our everyday life, creating a modern labyrinth in which we sometimes feel right at home and sometimes more like a bull in a china shop. The underlying logic of the labyrinth’s processes and protocols does not have to be apparent at the first glance and the lecture takes advantage of tools of contemporary philosophy dealing with the topic of virtual affect: procedural rhetoric, ludonarrative dissonance, pokémon GO. Along with Donna Haraway we will ask “what stories create worlds and what worlds create stories” …
// Vít Bohal is a member of the group Diffractions, he is interested in accelerationism, post-humanisms, Prométheisms, and critical theories. //
The lecture is a part of the year-long dramaturgical cycle by the artist, curator and educator Katarína Klusová, which strives to expand upon the topics explored in the current exhibitions in TIC galleries. Vít Bohala’s contribution builds upon concepts formulated in Lukáš Prokop’s installation Oozing Worlds into Being in Galerie mladých. The exhibition is on display until Saturday, 23.4. 2022.

12. 4. 2022 / 18:30
A lecture (about 50 min) in Czech followed by a discussion. Capacity: 15 people. The lecture takes place at the exhibition of flora and fauna in Moravské zemské muzeum in Zelný trh. Reservation:
In case you arrive late, call the number 604228817.
Entrance is free. 

I, too, overflow / Barbora Kleinhamplová / Commented tour

24. 3. 2022 / 14:00 / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře

Commented tour of the exhibition by the artist Barbora Kleinhamplová.

Kontext_1: Workshop „ A wee bit of Knowledge”

Workshop „ A wee bit of Knowledge”
5. 4. 2022 od18:00
Galerie Kontext
curator Katarína Klusová

Another event in the series headed by the artist, curator, and a pedagogue, Katarína Klusová, related to the ongoing exhibitions. The year-round cycle in Galerie Kontext consists of seven realizations in various forms taking place in the niches of the foyer, cinema room, bookshop or directly within the exhibitions contextualizing their themes.

Glitch Bitch / D'epog

Glitch Bitch / D'epog
17. 2. 2022 / 19:30 / Galerie TIC / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře

An error as a strategy. Auto-destruction as a way to destroy the enemy. Self-compromising as a victory. Everything is possible. Everything is allowed. Game over. To err is human, after all. A second part of a mono-dramatic triptych DIY. Glitch Bitch is a live video installation that examines the limits of democracy and liberty in our contemporary western society through a media laboratory on the scene. The actress’ interactions with recordings of daily life situations captured by a hidden camera explore the adequate levels of tolerance we show to each other.  
Starring: Janet Prokešová
Director: Lucia Repašská
Video: Tomáš Pavlacký
Camera: Tadeáš D. Plch, Barbora Linková
Installation: Ladislav Mirvald
Capacity is limited /// Performance capacity is limited /// Prior reservation required by email:
Door price /// Student 80 CZK /// Adult 180 CZK
Project sponsored by Statutory City of Brno. 

Tea Bags on Eyelids: Jan Tomáš performance

3. 2. 2022 starting at 18:30
Galerie U Dobrého pastýře

We would like to cordially invite you to a live musical performance by Jan Tomáš as a part of an exhibition by Julie Gryboś and Barbora Zentková. The answer to the current culminating crises, be it societal or related personal ones, is the need to slow down and keep calm. The ritual of relaxation is encoded within the installation Tea Bags on Eyelids in Galerie u Dobrého pastýře on multiple levels, especially in the hand-crafted objects. There is a sense of vibration between the escapist relaxation represented by handwork and existential anxiety. It can be seen in the strings of harp screens containing grainy images and heard in the strings of Jan Tomáš’s guitar who composed a musical composition for the installation. Even though the skepticism rising from the crisis is rather serious it is communicated with empathy and gentleness, especially through a palatable and, in fact, quite pleasant melancholy.

Exhibition lasts until 12. 2. 2022.

BODA: Vyplyň v děj v bříškách prstů

Luboš Svoboda, author’s reading
Dernisage of the exhibition cycle App Art
27. 1. 2022 from 18:00
Galerie Kontext

A gathering over lyrical texts that were created under the influence of the digital environment as if it required no adjective. If technologies steal poets’ metaphors, lyric poetry has to be the cutting edge. Sometimes I feel I don’t age, I antiquate. The year-long exhibition cycle App Art in Galerie Kontext focuses on how shared user experience with mobile apps is reflected in production of apps with artistic content. The first exhibition focused on the very essence and character of art media mobile apps, the second explored the phenomenon of selfie-portrait and the third, currently shown, takes a closer look at apps that prominently utilize textual components. When it comes to apps, the textual component is present on multiple levels: From texts for the user, texts related to the app operation and texts hidden from the user that ensure communication between the app and sites and other programs. Another layer transcending the scope of the exhibition concept are texts created based on user experience. Luboš Svoboda is the author of Vypadáme, že máváme (We Look as if We’re Waving) which was nominated for the Jiří Orten Award, he is the head of Lačnit Press publishing house and he is the chief editor of a curatorial platform for contemporary poetry Psí víno (


Fasade Galerie TIC
16. 12. 2021 — 14. 1. 2022
Tomáš Moravanský, Victoria Duryagina, Dominik Hlinka
Fasade Galerie TIC, Radnická 4, Brno

Nový prostor (New Space) is a mobile app created by Victoria Duryagina, Dominik Hlinka and Tomáš Moravanský. It uses augmented reality (AR) which allows the user to insert virtual figure of a homeless person into physical space. The app is supposed to provide the user with the experience of “virtue signaling” while maintaining a safe distance and doing so through the camera of their smartphone. At the same time, it fulfills the internal need to call attention to and share social issues (even when they are not present). 

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play for a download by a QR code. Nový prostor is not for everyone and it only works on smartphones that support AR. The user chooses a space where they insert the selected figure using their camera. The selection includes various types of models and figure positions. It is possible to insert as many figures as the user chooses, and they will remain in place until they close the app. It is therefore possible to flood the physical space with virtual content. 

The app also retrospectively converts user’s personal activity to a fictitious monetary value, which is based on the energy usage of a distant server that is used to store the data. In other words, the app calculates how much energy the virtual beggar uses up. Recorded screenshots of these modified places are then uploaded anonymously to a cloud storage and can be then viewed in the archive on the gallery web. It is up to the user how they choose to use the app. It is a virtual intervention into a public and a private space. 

Encounters with real homeless people bring forth emotional reactions (mostly hidden/suppressed) in people who are outside of this social category of invisibles. The figure of a beggar evokes feelings of pity, need to help, guilt, desperation, disregard, indignation, or system inequality. These encounters are mostly accompanied by a degree of fear of a real contact and if possible, we try to avoid them. 

Within the public discourse, and especially on social media, homelessness and other socio-ecological-political issues are in the center of attention in many algorithmically created circles. Heart-breaking posts, liking and following of sensible influencers, a profile picture symbolizing solidarity, signing online petitions often lack real life impact (boost in dopamine aside). This phenomenon and these examples are called virtue signaling or slacktivism. We witness this signaling, we ourselves signal or participate in it on daily, excessive, basis. Engaging in this sort of interpassivity brings the feeling of gratification in terms of social responsibility which allows us to continue consuming “without penalty”. 

The project deliberately employs dark humor, generalization, insensitive content – it accepts them and builds upon them. What is mentioned above does not target marginalized groups, the project is in its moralizing nature turned on its head. It explores limits and possibilities of artistic creation in relation to art activism and responsibility towards the work, the relocation of art institutions to the virtual sphere, gamification of society and collective cynicism as a guilty pleasure. 

Concept and realization: Victoria Duryagina, Dominik Hlinka, Tomáš Moravanský (INSTITUT INSTITUT)

Curating Online - Cultural heritage, creativity and the summer of artificial intelligence. Is everything a remix?

Curating Online - Cultural heritage, creativity and the summer of artificial intelligence. Is everything a remix?

  1. 12. 2021 / 14:00 - 18:00 / HYBRID_

This time the event is also held in person in Vašulka Kitchen Brno (Studio DumB) + with foreign speakers connecting online

International symposium and subsequent debate with experts, academics, curators, and artists who research the potential employment of artificial intelligence (deep learning of artificial neuron sites) for processing and sharing of the content of art collections, for mapping digital culture, and for testing of artificial intelligence as a creative media (art of artificial intelligence / AI art). The goal of the symposium is to examine the current trends in the field of archive processing ‘live archive’, new forms of the concept of ‘artificial art’ (Abraham Moles) and manifestation of ‘remix aesthetics’ (Eduardo Navas) or of ‘crowdsourced beauty’ (Joanna Zylinska) at the time of ‘the summers of artificial intelligence’.


Andreas Sudmann
Emily L. Spratt
Eduardo Navas
Barbora Trnková
TIN Lai Man
Daniel Kvak

Chairwoman of the event: Jana Horáková

The symposium is part of the Media Art Live Archive: Intelligent interface for interactive cultural heritage mediation (MediaArtLiveArchive, TL02000270) co-financed with state support of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the ÉTA program.

Více informací:


Afternoon and evening projection prepated by the Video Studio at FaVU (The Faculty of Fine Arts) in Brno. The program includes screenings of films and videos with invited guests. Detailed program is only published on the Video Studio’s social media and on Galerie TIC web on the day of the event.

24. 11. 2021 / Kino Art, Radnická 4, Brno
15:00 / Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana & Alan Hofmanis in dialogue with Tamara Spalakovic 
17:00 / projection

Plan – DELTA

Daniela Ponomarevová
Plan – DELTA
curator: Katarína Hládeková
9.12. 2021 v 17:00

A guided tour of the Plan DELTA exhibition with the author and curator. After the guided tour, the film Dune (1984) by David Lynch will be screened in the cinema room. 

Relaxing yoga

Relaxing yoga

21.12. 16.30 in the gallery Bookshop
Class led by: Eirini Kupková
Free entrance
Exercise focused on spine stretching and stress relief, especially Christmas related.

Atelier Island

Galerie TIC facade / Black Box
5. 11. —  20. 12. 2021
Atelier Island
Ondřej Homola
curator: Marika Kupková

Facade Galerie TIC, Radnická 4, Brno


One of the means of archiving quotes and mottos for example from the field of philosophy or the aesthetics is to glue them onto a separate piece of paper. And then to archive them by the author’s name in alphabetical order. The result is a personal card index of ideas that can be useful in creation of other texts or speeches. Have you come across one? Apart from being practical in its accessibility and with clear arrangement it also satisfies the desire to collect and a certain fetishization of usurping selected ideas of other thinkers. The collection of collages by Ondřej Homola resembles this mental archive in a certain way only instead of texts it is pictures, graphics and photos that take the central stage. The author adds his own morally imploring commentary. In its unspecific genre categorization, it comes closest to a satire that mocks negative social phenomena and political conditions. Even though Ondřej Homola addresses current events, the collages include retro-nostalgic elements partly due to the aesthetics and partly in reference to the onetime popularity of drawn satire that used to be an internal part of every humor magazine and cultural revue especially in the first half of the 20th century. The two displayed Ondřej Homola’s collages were selected from his vast picture diary in which the author comments on the current social events, mixes cultural references and develops witty pictorial wordplays. The comparison with magazine illustrations is not very apt here, however. The diary exists – similarly to his atelier work that is typical for the author – “just for its own sake”. It is not dependent on instructions, on exhibition opportunities and other presentation offers. It is not a work for an institution and to a certain extent not even for his own career. Lockdown couldn’t stop it and in fact not even the lack of financial resources for art production. Atelier Island is a space for authentic and independent work which above all helps to cope with the real world.

COVID 19 / Entrance update 26.7. 2021 The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic revoked the option to confirm one has undertaken a covid test at the place of employment by a declaration of honor. Visitors now must present a certificate on suffering cov

Curating Online - The show goes on? Media art festivals during COVID times

20. 10. - 21. 10. 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic forced media art festivals to reconsider the established format of bringing art to people in a physical space and also drove them to an extensive use of the online setting. How did the well-established curatorial principals and methods of art festival organization change in reaction to COVID or rather in the post-COVID era? The goal of the symposium is to provide a space for a critical debate about the transformations that local and international art festivals went through in reaction to the radically changed conditions of social event organization.  

Lenka Hámošová & Michal Kučerák
Martin Pošta
Lucia Dubačová
Nela Klajbanová
Christl Baur
Klio Krajewska
Szymon Stemplewski


Ladislav Mirvald
opening13. 8. 2021
13. 8. —  20. 9. 2021
Wall Galerie TIC, Radnická 4, Brno

Nothing could be more symbolical of the lockdown we all found ourselves in just yesterday and which comeback we are all begrudgingly expecting than silence. Its intensity is the more pronounced in spaces dedicated to social gatherings such as school auditoriums, churches, concert halls or music clubs. Those who gave lectures to empty auditoriums or witnessed concert halls with no music playing understand how riveting silence can be. Can it be recorded? What effect does the recording have on the listener? These questions must have been on Ladislav Mirvald’s mind when this artist, sound designer and a master in DIY, decided to conduct an acoustic research of silence. He managed to contribute to the vast field of visual art concerned with what is disappearing, what does not exist, with blind spots, unidentified spaces, with erasing. The archiving of silence by Ladislav Mirvalda is an exclusive project falling under the Black Box platform. It does not offer a visual experience yet still captures one of the basic cultural codes connected with images of the end of the world and catastrophic narratives. Silence. 


False Vampires, Strangled Nightingales and Morning Awakeners 

We’ll guide you through the gloom of the exhibition “False Vampires, Strangled Nightingales and Morning Awakeners”. This exhibition with a meta-romantic title prepared by the collective Café Utopia together with Eva Rybářová is a reaction to the current visual and communication trends. In our talk, we’ll touch upon the uncertain future of cultural institutions in the post-covid era. We’ll remind ourselves that we are glad to be together. 

False Vampires, Strangled Nightingales and Morning Awakeners / Daniela and Linda Dostálková, Katarína Hládeková, Sára Bown Kasanová, Simona Koutná, Katarína Poliačiková, Jakub Ra, Eva Rybářová, Iveta Schovancová / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře
curator concept: Café Utopia, Eva Rybářová
exhibition architecture: Tomáš Svoboda


Lecture: Barbory Trnkové
A part of the first exhibition in the App art cycle by the artist and curator Barbora Trnková is also a deeper theoretical reflection of the topic with a projection in the cinema room. 
Refreshments in the cafe in the backyard at Radnická 4.

COVID 19 / Entrance update 26.7. 2021

COVID 19 / Entrance update 26.7. 2021
The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic revoked the option to confirm one has undertaken a covid test at the place of employment by a declaration of honor. Visitors now must present a certificate on suffering covid-19 in the past, certificate of vaccination or a negative test carried out at a specialized facility. 

Hence, visitors must meet at least one of these requirements:
1.    a certificate of completed vaccination (in case of two-dose vaccines) which had been completed 14 days prior or
2.    a certificate on suffering covid in the last 180 days or
3.    a certificate on a negative antigen testing result no older than 72 hours or on a negative PCR testing result not older than 7 days or
4.    a free self-test on the scene.
Declarations of honor are no longer accepted!
Thank you for your understanding that we also have to follow the orders set by the government of the Czech Republic.
We are looking forward to your visit.
Entrance fee: free
Opening hours: 18.00 – 24.00 h
Last entrance: 23.30 h

Brno Museum Night 2021

Current exhibitions
False Vampires, Strangled Nightingales and Morning Awekeners / Daniela and Linda Dostálková, Katarína Hládeková, Sára Bown Kasanová, Simona Koutná, Katarína Poliačiková, Jakub Ra, Eva Rybářová, Iveta Schovancová / Galerie U Dobrého pastýře
Dreaming about Work / subtitle For Loop Contingency / Filip Hauer / Galerie mladých
App Art/ Galerie Kontext
Polina Davydenko / #blackbox2020 / Galerie TIC facade
Side events: 
18.00 – 23.00 h / Bookshop 

There is a small bookshop with a reading room in Galerie TIC. It mainly offers books and magazines dedicated to visual art, including those published by Galerie TIC. It not only includes academic titles but also fiction. The selection is mostly curated, which means it is managed by a specific person or by a collective with a set taste and preferences. 

18.00 – 23.00 The gallery backyard
A stylish oasis of calm in the very center of Brno is welcoming you with a great deal of quality music. It will please your taste buds and will not forget to quench your thirst. There will be food, drinks, music. The complete progam will be published on our social medias and our web page
18:00 - 20:00 The gallery backyard / Workshop Clay! 
Do you spend time thinking with a cup of coffee in the morning? Do you really think about the mug you are holding? How was it created, who made it? Learn about the production process and try to make your own a potter’s wheel. It’s going to be a real ride!
20.30 – 22.30 h / Nukic Melisa / Dj
Melisa aka White aurA will provide an amazing musical atmosphere in the gallery backyard. This DJ is finally ready to leave her shell and present her music to the public, she will introduce a mystical ambient journey with a bit of pepper on top which she describes as a Journey through the Forest. 
18.00 – 23.30 Kino Art / Bat Cave cinema
Early evening in NoArt cinema, Radnická 4, Galerie TIC, prepared by Atelier video FaVU Brno. As part of the program there will be a special projection of films, videos and block of videos with guests.  The complete program will be published on our social medias and our web page www.


Galerie TIC is announcing an Open Call for exhibition projects for Galerie mladých for 2022.

If you wish to participate, please submit your filled in application along with the description of your project with visual documentation and author portfolio. Send your submission to until July 25, 2021. The results will be published on the gallery’s web and Facebook page by the end of August 2021 at the latest. Further information about the exhibition catalogue of Galerie mladých with photo documentation and an exhibition archive can be found on

 The gallery offers:

  •  to cover financial costs in regard to the exhibition installation
  •  an artist/curator fee
  •  to collect and transport the exhibition
  •  basic PR (program printed material included)

 Content of application

  •  application form
  •  short description (recommended length 1 standard page) and visual documentation of the project
  •  artist/curatorial portfolio with your CV    


From Thumb to Little Finger

From Thumb to Little Finger
Polina davydenko
opening 1. 7. 2021
1. 7. —  9. 8. 2021
Facade Galerie TIC, Radnická 4, Brno

During lockdown, some of us were meeting up in our homes, some were creating spontaneous coworker groups, some were visiting secretly open-operating pubs. Others scrupulously followed the guidelines and transferred their social life to the online space: studying, having fun, chatting, and procrastinating. Instead of commuting or taking walks outside, we were going back and forth between web pages and online meetings. Each break from these communication stereotypes and restrictions became so very important and hopeful. During the last year’s spring lockdown, Polina Davydenko gradually came to meet up with her friends. The meetings took place outside, in apartments or ateliers. A part of it all was also an imprint, a memory: she let everyone do one of her nails. The created micro paintings became a physical part of herself. Each author that contributed to this private collection going through gradual destruction was given a piece of the stipend awarded to the author by Galerie TIC for the Black Box project. During the second wave of lockdown Polina created a video at the initiative of Galerie TIC, in which she reflects memories of those meetings. Screen captures of that video are exhibited on the building’s façade.


Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Cry

Don’t Be Afraid and Don’t Cry
Johana Merta
vernissage 12.5. 2021
12.5. 2021 – 28.6. 2021
Galerie TIC facade, Radnická 4, Brno


DON’T BE AFRAID AND DON’T CRY is first and foremost my personal motto.

It entered the mainstream only just now, in times of a viral threat to the public. The end of 2019, when I was residing in the Moravian countryside, was in our family a time of relative peace, even though we resented wood logging going on in the surrounding forests. Discussing the spiritual ownership of land and talking about experiencing “our” loss with people close to me helped me to cope with the disappearing landscape. The desire to take action by captioning the piled-up “razed wall” we were passing by every single day with DON’T CRY. I have always wanted to do graffiti, but I did not know what I wanted to write, what I wanted to say and also, I did not like running and I was a wimp! But I grew out of that fear and for the first time I felt that the message I wanted to write made sense transcending not only authorship but also punishment, which might result from my vandalism. 

In the time of global fear, Galerie TIC’s Black Box challenge was mainly a work with emotions for me, I had to identify what was I dealing with and if it were emotion then how to share it. Free from emotional instability and downturn. What arose in me was the need to deal with this issue rather locally and so the second part of the message was created: DON’T BE AFRAID. Christians are familiar with this sentence due to its presence in the Bible (365 times). But this comforting command applies to during pandemics no matter their religion. I sent the finished voice recording of a preacher and actress, Rozita Mertová, by e-mail to friends and even to distant representatives of municipalities and cities saying that it is now theirs to use as they please. In most cases, they did not even reply. 

I was trying and I am still trying to pass this message on, perhaps not fittingly, perhaps to someone who does not even exist. It is also very well possible I managed to indirectly reach many more people than what I am able to work out. In any case, my motto has changed during the pandemic. 

Interview with the author
Interviewed by Katarína Hládeková
audio editing: Dana Balážová
Song list: Johana Merta

Inner Parts of Elements

The project Inner Parts of Elements is part of a group art research study under the name Black Box, which has begun with strict quarantine restrictions and closing of the Czech borders in spring 2020. The author focuses on the observation of inner processes reacting to outside events. Thanks to the restrictions, Juliana returned to painting and drawing which she had originally studied. Drawing and later painting granted Juliana a purposeful perspective in this current global vacuum. 

Daily documentation progressively subsided and that is thanks to the fact that Juliana moved from the city to a partially secluded place in Krkonoše. This new environment became the leading source of inspiration for her digital paintings. The original need for a fast documentation gradually changes and links up with the pace of nature where there are four seasons in our climate and where we are not attacked every second by a plethora of new challenges and impulses. On the contrary, there emerges a new space for a deeper consideration or observation thinking, as well, on a wider scale of the universe. 

The current pair of digital paintings evocative of the planet Mars was created on the background of a photo archive of diverse natural structures which the author collects outside and later processes using digital technologies. Structures and systems, as we know them, are smudged, rubbed and carved out and later transformed into structures and new, abstracts bonds. The author explores the intuitive creation of future visions that are ambiguous, and it is uncertain whether it even presupposes the existence of the human race. The paintings narrowly coincide with her longtime interest in people and the environment in the context of the ongoing environmental crisis.

Interview with the author
Interviewed by Zuzana Janečková
Audio editing: Dana Balážová
Song list: Juliana Höschlová

The second episode of the Černá skříňka (Black Box) podcast is dedicated to the project “Inner Parts of Elements” by Juliana Höschlová. It is almost an hour long which is twice as long as the usual length. This distinction signals an attempt to “slowdown” which is what is Juliana trying to do right now. She moved to a village Bratrouchov in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) and single-handedly (along with her boyfriend and a dog) increased its population from seven to ten. She currently focuses on digital painting, work with textiles and she is also considering building a small community and residential center. 

Brno Art Week 2021

•    Nothing can stop Brno Art Week. Not even a global pandemic!
•    The galleries of Brno and art schools once again came together and we’re holding a festival that strives to bring together the Brno art scene – galleries, artists, and audience – which is an especially pressing matter these days.
•    The majority of programs will probably take place online on our YT channel but perhaps the epidemiologic situation will allow us to do some “fieldwork”.
•    You can look forward to the well-known format of tracing, long videos on the Brno graffiti scene and about the fashion designer, Dominika Kozáková, urban legends about each gallery, symposium about digital curating and, of course, your favorite art warm up exercises won’t be missing!
•    Off-line program will be adjusted depending on the current situation.
•    Stay tuned!
•    19. – 25. 4. 2021
•    12th year of BRNO ART WEEK
•    Organizers: TIC Brno and Masaryk University
•    Financial support: statutory city of Brno and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic 
Brno Art Week 2021 / CURATING ONLINE
Brno Art Week 2021

Transition of art institutions online. The loss of institutional aura?

21. 4. 2021 starting at 16 pm.
22. 4. 2021 starting at 17 pm.
online – Youtube Brno Art Week + stream on FB
Karina Kottová
Marek Pokorný
Michal Novotný
Tomáš Hrůza
Marialaura Ghidini
Gaia Tedone
The current pandemic situation forces us to think in greater depth about the presentation and distribution of art to new, so far not well-explored, spheres of the virtual environment provided by the World Wide Web network platforms. In the context of changes of art production, distribution, and presentation, it is on one hand important to consider the changing role of curators in regard to the transition of art presentation exclusively to the online space, and on the other hand to consider the properties and assumptions that characterize virtual art presentation. To what extent is this default exhibition format different, or rather similar, to exhibitions in traditional galleries? How do well-established curator principles and methods translate into the online space? What are the specifics of online communication with visitors of festivals or exhibitions taking place in virtual environment? We are entering a second year of the global COVID-19 pandemic during which museums and galleries, but also media art festivals, had to reevaluate their approach towards well-established systems of art mediation. The symposium’s goal is to confront and evaluate different strategies of art and culture mediation that cultural institutions in this particular regime employed, rejected, or articulated in possible scenarios for the new era. 
The symposium is a part of the Brno Art Week 2021 program as a collaboration of Galerie TIC Brno and the TIM program (Theory of Interactive Media) under the Faculty of Arts (Masaryk University) and it is a part of the Black Box / Černá skříňka project. It is co-financed with state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the program ÉTA.


2. 2. 2021, 16. 2. 2021, 2. 3. 2021

Moments when art leaves the gallery are repeated in art history. Until now, the main motivation was the need of the art scene to defy the power and special restrictions of exhibition institutions; to experience creative freedom and confrontation with wider audience. The corona crisis became an unexpected impulse to re-ignite it to move closer to the public. It might be expected that more artists and galleries will share this perspective but in the age of online platforms, where the majority of culture programs has moved to, the offline relocation is an exception. That, however, does not mean it is unnecessary. Rather the opposite. That is also why the curators of Galerie TIC decided to let the art permeate through the wall and carry it from the gallery’s interior to the exterior facade. During February and March, it will gradually come to show a painted trilogy by Markéta Filipová. A complex of six paintings is designed as three painted diptychs and it is a part of the project “Black box”, which focuses on new presentations of gallery practice, which are not necessarily linked to the holding of exhibitions, and searches for current possibilities how to support the formation of live art and to how present it on to the public.

Guided walk around the Vlněna area

6. 10. 2020, 17:00

The accompanying program to the exibition od Mr. Šťovíček's Gallery as a part of the Core & Shapes cycle will take visitors to the former Vlněna factory complex, where an office complex is currently being build. The gallery itself should be remembered by its intiators Michale Dašková and Oldřich Morys and personally by Mr. Šťovíček - the last original employee of Vlněna - According to whom the gallery got its name. However, the thematic dispersion of the discussion will be wider - from the issue of dealing with industrial heritage to the social impact of gentrification.


Conditional Constructions II.: Still Live (Natural Painters)

04. 08. 2020

Tomáš Moravanský

A part of the vernissage is a movement composition directed by Tomáš Moravanský. It is the second of his series of performative interventions under the name of “Conditional Constructions” prepared by him for this year’s Galerie TIC exhibition program. “Conditional Constructions II: Still Live (Natural Painters)” deals with the expression of individuality when the prerequisite for success is to exclude one’s subjective decision.  

Conditional Constructions I: INTERPELLATION

18. 2. 2020

Tomáš Moravanský

Interpretation: Miriam Budzáková, Simona Štangová, Nikola Majtanová, Barbora Janáková

We may be exposed to interpellation at any time and under any circumstances, even if we believe that we
are outside of the ideology, we are in fact in its core. Let's imagine a walking individual. Somewhere
(commonly from behind their back) can be heard an interpellation, “Hey, you over there!”. One of the
individuals (in 90 % of cases it is the subject of the interpellation) will turn, because they believe, guess,
or know, that it is regarding them and therefore acknowledge that they are subject of the interpellation.
Existence of ideology and interpellation of individuals as subjects is one and the same thing.
Series of sequential happenings, situated into the TIC Gallery directed by Tomáš Moravanský
(INSTITUT INSTITUT) uncovers interpellative forces of ideology, in the reflection of movement
and interaction, in everyday, work or social, programmed forms. It takes the choreography
defined as a system of power control over the human body in activities, that are in society
considered to be expression of freedom and individualism. It works with a register of civil
movements, not falling into dance category, but can be its starting material. Conditional
Constructions I, II, III, IIII are four conditional shapes, physical compositions, performances intervening
into the space of gallery according to its current layout. CC refer to the set of interconnected gallery
projects, object installations, performances and short films under title STILL LIVE, in which Moravanský
explores and works with the topic of day-to-day life, psychology of movements, intellectual property and
culture of individualism in connection with phenomenology.,

Dancing and moving composition INTERPELLATION, that is part of the first episode of four-
episode series of performative interventions titled Conditional Constructions, continues in same
evening with opening of author's other standalone exhibition STILL LEFT in G99 Gallery in Dom
Páně z Kunštátu (beginning in G99 Gallery at 18:00).

Cores and Shapes

Galerii KonText – 2020

Guest curator, who will cover the programme of the KonText gallery for 2020 is Šimon Kadlčák. In his exhibition concept Cores and Shapes, he will build on the KonText programme from 2017 and 2018, when the Kontext was managed by representatives of alternative „showcase“ exhibition spaces – curatorial teams of Gallery Art in Brno and Showcase Gallery Deniska in Olomouc. Concept for 2020 in a sense finalises this lineage by introducing several selected showcase galleries, which existed in Brno (or on occasion still exist) in a series of five exhibitions. In fact, in 2013 – 2019 Šimon Kadlčák was one of the curators of independent gallery Umakart, one of the most significant local galleries in this category.

Concept of gallery in non-standard exhibition spaces experienced its boom in Czech context around 2010. In that time, many distinct indepent do-it-yourself galleries have been emerging throughout the country, sharing a specific set of common characteristics: the exhibitions took place in showcases, vitrines, but also in wallets, toilets or fridges. Most of the galleries were in the exterior. Viewers couldn't enter the galleries, they could only look at them from the outside. “The organisers” and curators were commonly students of art schools. Important element was therefore the community aspect of meetings on streets with tasting of cheap wines from old mugs from bazaars.
Nowadays, the trend of showcase galleries is rather declining. The Cores and Shapes is therefore „an archeological probe“ monitoring the state and changes of this trend (and overall local scene) approximately from 2008 until now. The final presentation of individual exhibitions will always be formed in cooperation with organisators and curators, who were at that time in charge of these galleries and gave them their character.

Curator: Šimon Kaldčák

That object resembles a raft with a sail

7. 8. – 7. 9. 2019, Adam Heyduk

The installation in the courtyard of Radnická 4 by Adam Heyduk, a Sculpture Studio student at the
Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, combines the dimensions of an object and sound. The object uses the
fundamental principles of support, where the steel strings are erected as a structural component and
connected to the supporting element. Yet the strings still retain the original property for which they
were created, that being sound. This property cooperates with the glass, which is also placed in a
different position and acts as a sounding board. The angle closing the glass pane and the base follows
the inclination of the columns in the atrium. The essence of the object, which is a mix between a
sculpture and musical instrument, is the placement of its elements in unusual positions, thereby
distorting the original meaning of the object and creating tension between the original and new
properties of the material. In this way, the object becomes temporary and insecure in its own
existence. The exhibition loosely reflects numerous sculptural presentations that were held in the
courtyard in the 1990s.

In The Garden at Vanek’s

13. 7. 2019    
Collateral program of an exhibition …when ceramics was not cool yet, linked with the exhibition Brno Art Open 2019
The house of Vaneks’ in Bratislava residential neighborhood Koliba is surrounded by a garden. The intended park with author’s ceramics artifacts has turned with time into a green jungle. Collateral program of an exhibition …when ceramics was not cool yet is an expedition, community charity work, and rescue as well as cleansing activity all at once. The event should free the garden of self-seeded trees, literally archaeologically drag out into the light the ceramics artifacts hidden in the greenery, and prepare the premises for the work of a landscape architect. The organizers have nothing against a picnic and debates about the work and life of Imrich Vanek. More details will be published on the web page and facebook page of the gallery.

Andrea Demek / Sochařská laboratoř (Sculpting laboratory)

12-05-2019 — 15:00 – 17:00

Kabinet — Galerie TIC
Andrea Demek / Sochařská laboratoř (Sculpting

With mirrors and laser light, we will learn how
to use the space in historical architecture. We will create
installations or models using materials, such as ropes,
yarns, tapes and boards. From 3 – 99 years.


The Interregnum project of New Media I Studio of The Academy of Fine Arts Prague see modern times
as a period of interim governance, when the old ends and the new is not yet established. And it ́s
indifferent, whether we talk about structure of society, ways of communication or function and
presentation of visual art. Film can be perceived also as a manifest, which concisely and directly finds a
way out of contemporary medial and also ideological chaos.

Launch of Katerina ́s book