Jan Bražina / Love rhymes with fuck you

Galerie mladých 02 05 — 10 06
opening — 2 5 2023

Jan Bražina mainly uses sculptural methods in his work. However, his interest in the body and figuration develops unorthodoxly, especially through an intuitive exploration of the material of textiles. The extension and morphing of the body through textiles, wood, metal or numerous performative collaborations indirectly formulate a process of exploration of fluid identity. 

The installation at Galerie mladých builds upon the already ongoing, interconnected implementations in two Brno artist-run spaces, Zaazrak Dornych and Galerie Průchod. It presents a variation on the pair of figures, the bride and groom, as a traditional symbol of the heteronormative arrangement of romantic relationships. For the LGBTQ+ community, however, the equivalent institutional anchoring of partner relationships is still a utopia today. 

Through the use of fictional characters, live sized statues, Jan Bražina thematizes this unattainable “normality”. In creating objects and costumes, he uses found materials connected to personal memories of loved ones. He uses them to deepen the melancholy resulting from the unattainability of fulfilling the idea of a peaceful family background.