Věra Lukášová, Markéta Lisá / Second perspective

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 15 12 — 24 02
Opening — 14 12 2023

As a creative tandem, Věra Lukášová and Markéta Lisá meet for the first time in a joint exhibition project. The result of this collaboration links the specifics of their independent artistic work, which in the case of Věra Lukášová refers to the broadly conceived medium of film, in the case of Markéta Lisá to literature, text and music. What they have in common is a special combination of sensitivity, humility and subtlety.

The interest in film, animation or VJ-ing became one of the defining features of the identity of the first generation of students at FaVU in Brno (Faculty of Fine Arts) and managed to clearly define it against other trends dominating the art scene.

Filip Cenek a.k.a. Věra Lukášová, in contrast to most members of this “film avant-garde of the noughties”, stuck to the medium of the moving image. He shifted from various forms of re-edits of classic film and interventions in the digital image to a very specific poetics characterized by film narratives using “early film” devices such as monochrome images, subtitling, the absence of sound in the footage, and a lack of interest in digitality and high-tech. And Markéta Lisé’s soundtrack pushes his visual language and poetics towards a new experiment.

In an analytical sense, the exhibition can also be seen as a kind of semiotic model, testing the intersection of two different sign systems. What is important is not the signs themselves, but their relationships and arrangement.


The rational system balances the metaphorical nature of the texts and images, which only suggest half of their meaning. Important here are also the moments of absence, missing and silences that activate our own sense of the natural completion of the whole.

The exhibition explores the temporal dimension of film through the immobility or even stillness of images. The resulting tension can be engaging as well as irritating. We find ourselves somewhere on the undefined media borderline between experimental film, visual art, music and literature. It is an endless territory that allows those who step inside to explore it again and again.