Štěpán Brož, Medard Matyáš Zeman

Since his high school years, Medard Matyáš Zeman has been making music in the field of extreme genres such as Harsh Noise and experimental music in general. In it he searches for different positions of creative avant-garde and ambient mysticism. He has been working on sculpture, drawing and object installations for a long time. Štěpán Brož's closer attention to music is mainly focused on a series of paintings dealing with the relationship between romanticism and black metal. Since the beginning, the inspiration of the genre has been a black thread in his work, which he has been alternately approaching and moving away from. His current research topic is neomedievalism in the context of contemporary art, which is also strongly related to the visual culture of metal. As a creative duo, they will mount a collaborative exhibition exploring the question of whether honesty in life and creative work can alone guide us away from the sins of our time (collective racism, pervasive sexism and depression). Through Štěpán Brož's paintings and Matyáš Zeman's drawings and sculptures, they will create a space exploring the theme of sincerity in artistic creation, drawing on the roots of their inspiration: the black metal subculture and its wider contexts.