Is Your Blue the Same as Mine? 
Video projection (12 minutes) by artists Valentýna Janů and Kryštof Hlůža.
This projection in No Art cinema is a part of the exhibition installation “Come
Over When You’re Sober.

International Short Film Festival Brno 16

The Middle of Nowhere
14. 10. – 17. 10. 2020
The 61st year of the festival, in which the TIC Gallery also participates, has a fatal theme: " The Middle of Nowhere.” It has various nuances, such as exclusion, loneliness, nature, but also the relations between the center and the periphery, which are, among other things, linked to cultural events, including film. However, the situation "The Middle of Nowhere" also concerns the current (post) pandemic crisis, which forces us to re-evaluate the established thinking and values. We are in the middle of nowhere.
In the NoArt cinema hall at Radnická street, you will see competition blocks and special screenings. At the same time, exhibitions in the TIC Gallery will be freely accessible. 

Bistro at the chicken leg

Dávid Koronczi, Erik Pánči
TIC, Brno, 25.09. 2020 / 15:00 – 20:00 / and 11. 12. 2020 / 15:00 – 20:00 

“I have not been here for a long time. The rolling hills of the Cerová Highlands always remind me of home. They remind me what a home is. That this is the forest where I first found a parasol mushroom, that this is the forest where my mother met a deer face to face more than 40 years ago and to this day  can't forget the minute they stared at each other from a distance of a few centimeters. That this is where I ran for help for my nagyapa when he laid down helplessly in the shadows. I was nine and he had his first heart attack. That this is the place where we escaped in the summer to smoke the first cigarettes that we stole from my nagymama Valika. This is the region where in one May afternoon we buried another nagymama, the last of my grandparents, and at night her waters broke. This is where you started to be born that night and in the morning you were outside with us. This is a place whose poverty, misery, and happiness lie somewhere in the south of unhappily drawn Slovak Higher Territorial Units.” 

In his work for the TIC Gallery in Brno, David Koronczi, in collaboration with Erik Pánči, prepares a performative fusion of cooking, a DJ set and a gentle stage reading of short story Bistro at the chicken leg, which was created during the summer 2020. It is a kind of time dragging experience, ideas and fictional memories of experiencing sadness and fear of acceptance. The main clues are Baba Yaga, town Lučenec, furry flies, mortar, Vietnam inland, paternity, Bernolákovo and David Koronczi. Part of the evening reading of the short story in the No Art space, accompanied by live performance on modular synthesizers by multimedia artist Erik Pánči, will be dinner, which we will prepare for visitors from local ingredients and serve in the gallery's courtyard.

Sharing food and dining or cooking together is something that has become a luxury and an exceptional event. Sitting, eating, continuous tasting, gossiping and telling various experiences and stories are often part of the preparations. When we cook with friends or family, we enjoy it much more, and the feeling that someone finds the food delicious is delightful. Several artists see this delight as an unprecedented fulfillment. David Koronczi is one of them. Graphic designer, curator, pedagogue, cultural organizer and artist, who intertwines everyday life with artistic strategies. He examines geopolitical relationships in his immediate surroundings, human and inhuman communities, seeks answers to internal questions of the variability of his own identity, thinks about seemingly distant planetary relationships, and strives for a more sustainable and balanced life. He is looking for experiences and stories that lead to critical thinking and often creates his own projects collectively and in collaboration with other artists, musicians, theorists, thinkers. Interpersonal and interspecies cooperation is simply his domain. 

David Koronczi works as a member of the editorial staff of the engaged cultural monthly journal Kapitál and as an assistant at the Ateliér u vvv at the Department of Intermedia, VŠVU in Bratislava. He recently settled with his partner Martina and daughter Zoja in a family house in Bernolákovo.  However, in his projects, the author often refers to Lučenec - the place where he was born and raised and which shaped and continues to shape his existence. Lučenec is located in southern Slovakia and David Koronczi is happy to often return here. That is why part of the short story planned for the performative event in the TIC Gallery takes place in Lučenec, because it is "a place, a forest, a region, a home where I sometimes have to take you.”


23. 7. 2020 18.00
Milan Guštar

Sound performance and performative lecture of artist Mi Milan Guštar, who presents his sound installation at the exhibition Love, Death & Blue.


The premiere of the audiovisual piece of a French graphic designer, music producer and one of the members of Simon Villaret’s Selam X studio residing in Berlin, is based upon the one time performance with the theme of extreme and the meaning of its experience, QUEEN KONG, presented in September of 2019 on the roof of the GAUTE house in Brno. After the projection a Ukrainian artist Timur Dzhafarov, a.k.a. John Object, a peculiar personality of the European experimental music scene, will perform. John Object published two EPs attracting global attention, Pre-Heat and Heat at Bio Future Laboratory, and his live production was recently introduced at the Unsound festival, or Схема.
Lucia Repašská, Vojtěch Novák, Janet Prokešová, Matyáš Dlab
CAST: Janet Prokešová, Timur Dzhafarov
PREMIERE: 28. 8. 2019
DOOR PRICE: Adult 120,- CZK / Student 60,- CZK


Atelier VIDEO FaVU

every Wednesday from 17:00

Evenings in the cinema prepared by Ateliér video from FaVU in Brno. The program will feature special screenings of films, videos and screening series in the presence of guests. The specific program will always be published a few days in advance. Screenings are open to the public, reservations are possible at 

Art of the anthropocene

David Přílučík, Anna Remešová and guests

Three-episode series for Artyčok.TV under dramaturgy of David Přílučík and Anna Remešová titled Art of the anthropocene follows current discussions dealing with the changing conditions of art production in the age of climate disruption. First episode outlines the theoretical field and explains every key term, such as anthropocene, posthumanism, extractivism etc. Second episode follows the activities of art and cultural institutions, whose representatives rethink the function, financing and self-organisation of the institutions on the contemporary art scene. Third episode gives space to artists and their approaches towards climate changes, political and economical infrastructure and search for appropriate art form. Present are also uncertainties and concerns regarding ethics and reassessing the art work itself. The entire series is connected through common narrative that can be defined in three questions: how does the cooperation between science and art look like? How does our approach towards art and art scene transform on the horizon of forthcoming climate catastrophe? And what can we do and how can we do it?
Screenings are public without reservations. Capacity: 40 seats.

Art of the anthropocene 1, 2, Thursday 27. 2. 2020, 18:00

The Dairy of Grandmother Němcová

18. 12.  2018

screening of Jan Gogola´s film with author´s commentary
No Art
1999, 28 min.

A film based on the dairy of grandmother Němcová from Zbraslav in Prague, who every day had been taking notes on weather forecasts or its form, and personal, family, local and also social events for 25 years at the end of the last century. Grandmother Němcová passed few months before film shooting, in the film people, who are described in some excerpts of her diary, read from her diary. This created a film dairy about every one´s life, and how it may become a unique “climate”.