Aurélie Bayad is a Belgian artist mainly thematizing the ways and forms in which we expose our bodies in virtual space providing the basis for her personal feminist ideological perspective. The language of her work is performance, photography, text, video, and installation. 

Adam Turzo’s installation consists of a combination of materials such as glass, colored PU foam, and building materials offering a wide range of surfaces, matts, shines, and colors. What is more, when exposed to LED lighting of a specific temperature and intensity, the 3D objects come close to the aesthetics of computer-generated graphics. By adding classical 2D medium such as paper, linocut or Sootprint©, which simulates digitally printed pictures, and by emulating the aesthetics of bitmaps and vectors, Adam Turzo accomplishes a degree of visual disorientation. The project is designed for CIT Cinema. 

Daniel Nováček is a student at the Intermedia Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Brno Technology University of Technology). He utilizes the devices of film language and video installation and by using his own metaphorical language he processes current social topics in a manner that endows the generally accepted critical perspectives with an innovative psychological insight into the issues. 

Zbyněk Baladrán’s author exhibition introduces his newer works focused on the discrepancies between the contemporary world and the manner in which it is exposed and revealed by art and art practice. Artistic rendering provides a large degree of ideological openness and methodological un-rigidness, it offers a more straight forward, more effective, and more flexible tools of communication in comparison to those of the scientific community and the media. Aware of these “weapons,” Zbyněk Baladrán sets to interpret important socio-political phenomena that are often not at the center of our attention. Rather than offering a clarification, the author raises awareness in regards to the fascinating ambiguousness of our world. 

The Galerie TIC complex also includes a Bookshop that rather than a classical bookstore serves as a space that fulfils many functions: it is a relax zone, a reading and a waiting room, auditorium and sometimes even a bar. We support its main relaxing function through an artistic project by Michal Mitra, #playisthenewblack, which is in its own way a playground for people of all ages

Pavel Dvořák is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music (University of Ostrava) and his previous paintings were influenced by neo-expressionism and their motifs were based on a plethora of various pop cultural sources: computer games, animated gore horrors, and comics. Apart from painting, he also creates wooden figures which, similarly to his figures on canvas, do not shy away from sharp humor.