The event VýTěr is an active commentary on the situation on the art scene, where many interesting visual artists remain without significant exhibition opportunities, without curatorial guidance and the interest of theoreticians, and similarly, universities produce hundreds of art critics every year who do not find a job in the field they were trained for. The open call for an Exhibition is an impulse to bring together visual artists and theoreticians who want to participate in changing this situation. VýTěr 2023 is already the fifth and groundbreaking edition! From the submitted projects, an expert jury will select 3 winning projects, which will be presented in September and October at the OFF/FORMAT gallery, but also for the first time at two other collaborating institutions, the TIC Gallery and the independent community centre SIBIŘ. The exhibition is not just a more elaborate open call, but an opportunity to build relationships. 

The selected project in the TIC Gallery is the project by Viktória Citráková and Magdalena Šimurdová.

In the Bookshop space, artist and graphic designer Jakub Kovařík uses the personal memories of his grandfather, the well-known painter from Olomouc Slavoj Kovařík, to explore the more general theme of preserving a person in his memories. The figure of the grandfather thus becomes a means of talking about man in the space between the general and the personal, about man as a series of moments, a layered composition of perceptions and reactions that we put together when we say he. How to talk about a person we once met and talked to. What happens to the world when a person disappears? Where is the line between person and thing? Between sense perceptions and imaginings? Is death the perpetuation of the person? And why do we keep things in memory? The exhibition will place several objects side by side: author Slavoj Kovařík's works and their context (material, personal, contemporary), his portrait photography and his personal objects. These objects are things, concrete objects and at the same time compositions of events extrapolating Slavoj Kovařík between the personal and the public, between the seen and the unseen, between revelation and obscuration.

A place of otherness, of everything and nothing, khora, emerges in the exhibition of Tereza Kalousová and Erika Velická in a form referring to the architecture of Greek temples and theatres turning into deserts, or vice versa. Visions of temples of Asclepius where the sick in the company of snakes dreamt up their healing methods are intertwined with memories of real places of inactivity. Moments of emptiness and contemplation. In the heat. To the roar of cicadas. On a peninsula connected to the mainland only by a narrow strip of mud covered with a thin layer of salt. The puffs of wool caught on thorns and sticks and the rolled-out nests under the twisted branches of low trees evoke the presence of sheep, undetermined in time. Here and there the hot air is stirred by the flapping of insect wings, at other times by a refreshing gust from the sea. Every step causes the scampering of a multitude of locusts and the crackling of grass. A lone narrator composes satyr plays in her head.

As a creative tandem, Věra Lukášová and Markéta Lisá meet for the first time in a joint exhibition project. The result of this collaboration links the specifics of their independent artistic work, which in the case of Věra Lukášová refers to the broadly conceived medium of film, in the case of Markéta Lisá to literature, text and music. What they have in common is a special combination of sensitivity, humility and subtlety.