Galerie mladých

Galerie Mladých was founded in 1967 as a space dedicated to the presentation of young artists. Since then, it has been providing for the self-realization of all the not yet proven, experimenting, and insatiable. It is also currently the oldest exhibition site of the city-funded galleries managed by the TIC Brno organization operating under the name of Galerie TIC. For over fifty years now, Galerie Mladých has been focusing on the presentation of the youngest generation of artists, the majority being fresh graduates of fine art universities. It not only offers space for installation but also a space for sharing and collaboration. The main focus is to map out the emerging artistic generation whilst maintaining the pluralistic perspective on fine art with a whole range of ideologies and expressive positions. Around eight exhibitions are displayed in Galerie mladých every year accompanied by an off-program including events, projections, lectures, guided tours, etc. Entry applications are assessed by the so-called Gallery council consisting of interior curators and selected experts of the artistic scene. Open Call takes place each year in May or June; the results are then announced in September.

Curator: Ivana Hrončeková
phone: +420 723 550 5611

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře was founded in 1992 at the initiative of the then curator of Galerie mladých, Alena Gálová. It focuses on the presentation of artistic personalities well-established on the art scene, group, and curator projects. Besides the presentation of contemporary art in exhibitions, the gallery’s long-term and key activity is the support and sharing of the everyday problems of artists and curators. Every year we present about four exhibition projects here. We follow the diverse forms of contemporary art including those that are not well-established within the art mainstream and not yet proven to belong in “the big exhibition houses”. We are not satisfied with the art mainstream, we do not poach time-tested quality, we reject hasty selection. The concept of our program puts emphasis on the parity of emerging, yet unproven creators and well-established artists. We respect the creative contribution put into the process of exhibiting by our curators. 

Curator: Marika Kupková
phone: +420 728 368 644

Galerie Kontext

Galerie Kontext utilizes the gallery foyer with 4 niches for the presentation of contemporary art. Its alternative location is shared with Galerie mladých and Galerie U Dobrého pastýře at Radnická 4 and it has become an integral part of the year-long exhibition program. In previous years external curators of galleries operating in a similar “off-space” regime were invited to participate in curating. It was for example Vitrína Deniska residing in Olomouc, Nika from Prague, or Galerie Art in Brno. In 2020, thanks to Šimon Kadláček’s curator project “Liver and Shapes”, it became a sort of an archaeological probe following the condition and changes of the local alternative scene of vitrine galleries since around 2008, peaking in 2012. The year 2021 was curated by Barbora Trnková, who focused on app-art. In 2022, Galerie Kontext programme focused on contextualising the exhibitions already taking place in the two main spaces of Galerie TIC. This follow-up was accomplished through a variety of formats that responded to the needs of both the audience and the exhibiting artists. Last year (2023), microinfluencer, TikToker and designer Jakub Polách took on the curatorial role, creating a series consisting of 4 videos as well as spatial installations over the course of the year. The year-long program ended with a screening in another space of our gallery, Kino CIT (cinema).

For this year we decided to offer space to projects dealing with video art. From the Open Call originally launched for Galerie mladých, several applicants were selected and approached, accompanied by the theatrical platform D'epog. This year's series is curated by Anna-Natalia Fajnorová and Tímea Vitázková from the Galerie TIC collective.

phone: +420 774 603 430