As a creative tandem, Věra Lukášová and Markéta Lisá meet for the first time in a joint exhibition project. The result of this collaboration links the specifics of their independent artistic work, which in the case of Věra Lukášová refers to the broadly conceived medium of film, in the case of Markéta Lisá to literature, text and music. What they have in common is a special combination of sensitivity, humility and subtlety.

This year, in the niches of the Galerie Kontext, the outcomes of the series We live in a Society focused on the possibilities of increasing the reach of topics that are quite fundamental for a part of society and yet marginalised. 

Would a public podcast with an academic feat about feminism popularise an emotional and aesthetic-emotional visual companion? Could a lecture on leftist theory be more engaging than lip-sync? Would the spread of neo-Marxist ideas benefit from a 2.5x speed-up?

The culmination of the final part of Watch Whole Physically Free {2023} CZ/SK DABING even with Subtitles (Czech!) without any registration, can be found at Radnickí 4, 60200, Brno, offline and in HD quality, right on our ad-free Galerie Kontext.

Markéta Soukupová's installation of paintings and objects builds on her previous exhibition cycles thematizing physical work and rest, but also the unstable living conditions that wage workers face on a daily basis. Why do diggers lean on shovels and how come they smile more than sales managers despite pouring out much more sweat?