Anetta Mona Chișa

Anetta Mona Chișa is one of the outstanding personalities of contemporary Czech visual art. Her work on the verge of object creation, architecture and design contains a multilayered system of thought references and cultural quotations. Matter, image, body, movement and time figure here as something changeable and relational that we all create right here and now. And the exhibition can be a medium that can lead us towards to the resembling thoughts, that used to pass us by...

Marie-Anna Šulc

Marie-Anna Šulc tries to search for utopian narratives in dystopian imaginings, thus creating a merging border between dystopia and utopia. She focuses on the question of intersectionality, the experience of bodies and feminist perspectives. 

The centerpiece of the exhibition is the video-ballad Pelvic Chain, which deals with the body, its changes and its extensions. It deals with the belonging of differently affected bodies, reflects on bodily self-determination and tries to avoid trauma-dumping weight. Drawing on their own experience, the authors address bedriddenness, facing grief in hospital settings whose care, often, exceeds the boundaries of violence. They rap about the anarchy of muscles, nerves and tissue, paying a tribute to the believes about the power of one's body and its healing abilities.

Lenka Tyrpeklová’s exhibition project Daily Bread (or Fairy Tales from Prison) presents the environment of prisons in the Czech Republic and gives us a glimpse into the lives of female prisoners. The main symbol that ties the whole exhibition together is bread. Bread replacing women’s faces is their anonymized representative. The real faces of the female prisoners have disappeared during their stay behind bars, each of them finds herself not only without her face but also without her own personality.