Anetta Mona Chișa

Anetta Mona Chișa is one of the outstanding personalities of contemporary Czech visual art. Her work on the verge of object creation, architecture and design contains a multilayered system of thought references and cultural quotations. Matter, image, body, movement and time figure here as something changeable and relational that we all create right here and now. And the exhibition can be a medium that can lead us towards to the resembling thoughts, that used to pass us by...

Štěpán Brož, Medard Zeman

The Field of Love exhibition presents an installation combining fantasy paintings by Štěpán Brož and grotesque sculptural realisations by Medard Zeman. Together they created a temporary environment referring to the historical genre of panoramas. Their installation, however, instead of conveying an epic narrative of national history, offers us an immersive glimpse into a grotesque vision of an utopian world where tomorrow means yesterday and where even the things that can be found in the furthers parts of our imaginations can seem ordinary.

Pink Chips and Pink Potatoes, two films in which the filmmaker works with queer identity in a small community. The overarching theme for the exhibition is the complexity of identity. Imaginatively, Juri Charvat grates the pink potato into thin slices, revealing more concrete parts of his own identity. The video collage is composed of alternating footage of real unstaged actions and fictional symbolic scenes, where one can perceive the auto-fictional story of a character who went to a village party.