Galerie Kontext 26 06 — 27 07
opening — 25 06 2019 17:30

We present the third part of a year-long exhibition series by Richard Loskot, which is working with special and user dispositions of Kontext within Galerie TIC. Mirror reflections and our vison and perception, which were the central motif of the two preceding exhibitions in Loskot’s series, are now followed by an organic period with a more distinctive socio-cultural content. A structure of house plants, selected by the creator in consultation with an environmental platform Efemér, is now “rising” into the spiral space of the stairs and foyer. 

It creates a model of evolution based on the linear development from old to young age, from the developmentally lower species to the higher ones. It opens up the topics of scientific interpretation and categorization of the world consisting in the usage of measurable and exact parameters. It might be of use to remember the phenomena of house plants as an implant from exotic cultures just as the domestication and miniaturization of naturally occurring tropical and subtropical flora. 

What also springs to mind is a reference to the “tradition” of office floral decoration which can be found in the majority of public institutions. Part of the installation are also excerpts from the author’s previously unpublished texts. It is for example a definition of the words “order”, “system” and “open” which the author illustratively links within the exhibition. It highlights the fact that plants are a range of unique images of the reality creating their own story.