In 1610, Galileo Galilei first noticed astral bodies surrounding Saturn, not aware of their ring-like nature at his time. Astronomers that came after him have gained more and more knowledge of the Saturn’s Rings, observing them with telescopes and other scientific and more complex instruments. Ever since then, our imagination was shaped by technological development that allowed us to see things we were not able to see with the naked eye. The same applies to other phenomena like cellular science or atoms. We are all aware of their influence on our everyday life. And yet, can we say that we experience them consciously? The distance between a person and an object is no longer counted in miles or millimeters, but in the level of technology and number of tools that shape its image before it’s presented to us. How much of the original footprint is left in a photograph, after it has been processed? We have always watched, given names and interpreted the skies… but was it the same sky? There is a very delicate border between our observation and our imagination.