Common title

Galerie Kontext 24 01 — 24 02
opening — 23 01 2018 17:30

David Vojtuš approaches a specific, intervening space in the gallery. He attempts to understand its area. Shortly, he realizes, it is not easy, he´s not even sure, whether he is inside or begins going around the gallery edges. He moves in the right direction, as the staircase inside of the unit called house indicate, or did he made a countermovement and so missed the entrance by entering the block just from the other side? For a while he´s been focused; now he stops in the point, where he feels the center is. Despite his own idle time, the units keep moving around him. It looks like a synchronous crawling of something, what appears to be beyond control. However, this cluster movement has been permanently driven by invisible subtle bonds. Only package can give it a shape. A container. In fact, our house. Without it, all the units would go to different directions and in that case, we likely wouldn´t call water by its name. Perhaps, it would be other physical state.

Someone left here, at the recess, a package from something, what he unpacked here. He waited, that some other unit would come and clean it instead of him. A held pressed plastic grave filled with water. He tripped and fell. What kind of lab? Are you out of your mind? Next to cinema? Next to the cinema? Handmade manufacture of prefabricated product. It´s a sack. PVC. Water, so what.


Script title: common. 
Location: pool chlorine home drinking water ambulance infusion service station washers sea fire firefighter maternity ward
Floor plan: square, rectangle
Dimensions: variable

The master illustrator of flora and fauna has recently been involved in the drawing experiment. It constantly examines the boundaries of materials - using different fluids it let´s the pads - like the original matrix - to stand out. The viewer offers a different drawing of the surrounding space. Its interventions are similar to the architectural features, which here and there add a wall, hole or piece of furniture. The drawing remains, but its internal parameters change over time. You need to track the point - the original drawing element.

Galerie konText v roce 2018 navazuje na tradici spoluprací s alternativními výstavními prostory a proto se v nikách Galerie TIC budete setkávat s Galerií ART. Letošní výstavní dramaturgie se zaměřuje na autory, pro které je typická preciznost a formálně se budeme orientovat na miniaturu. Těšit se můžete i na prezentace pohyblivého obrazu v sousedícím projekčním sálu Kina Art. Sérii výstav startuje David Vojtuš.

Galerie konText continues in cooperation with alternative exhibiting spaces, so in 2018 you may meet Galerie ART in the niches of Galerie TIC. The seasonal dramaturgy focuses on miniature and a choice of authors significant for their precision. Also motion pictures will be presented in Kino Art’s temporary cinema in the space of Galerie TIC