Crush Machine

Galerie mladých 03 08 — 17 09
opening— 2 8 2022

I remember meeting you for the first time and thinking 
“oh, this is a strange person. Should I trust them? What will happen to me?”.
But then being strangely energized from meeting you. It was as if someone finally understood me, and suddenly you being weird and slightly creepy didn't matter anymore.



The more days passed, the more I would sink (into myself).
It was just this endless loop. Back and forth. Endless loop. Things always the same. It all looked the same.
I felt the same. Everything I tasted was the same. Even the food I was puking seemed so blank.
I was wandering the streets aimlessly. Thinking about what I did the last time this happened, and how I got out of it. I would try again and again another “tip” I remembered from going to therapy or those “self help” posts on instagram. And of course nothing would help. I would wake up manic from overstimulation or lifeless from the weather.
It would always come back at the same time period. And if I wasn't careful enough, it would be worse.


Hey baby
Come here
come to me
why are you so sad
you don't need to worry anymore
i'm here for you
Come here
Come to me
I'm gonna make it all ok