It is important to believe word IS, TO BE. Single fact, that we „just“ exist is often the most deceptive information, that forms us every day. How not to require, not to expect anything and at the same time to enjoy „just being“ seems to be a difficult task. After all, thoughts always want to make their way to the conclusion, they´re avid for definition. Cluster of brain wiring, by the author refered as a picture of universe in your head, is an unstable mass and in some stages of life becomes also a battlefield. Imaginery protection shield, which pushes off continuous burning of „stars“ flowing into tissue and sutures, is probably the void, repose and harmony of body and mind. However, this direction towards the void and silence is accompanied by noise of darkened fears and even smaller fears, that need to be designated, so they won´t be misleading. Many heads and many dialogues took place throughout many light years.

It is good to see the difference between to have to believe and to want to believe.