Dominika Dobiášová is a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts (Brno University of Technology) led by Vasila Artamanova and Marie Štindlová. Her paintings are full of subtly portrayed dream-like scenes of stylized figures which link together the world of fantasy and pop culture in an unconventional manner. Dominika Dobiášová’s paintings beg to be interpreted as reflections of literary genres; they can be seen as fairy tales, fantasy, dystopian sci-fi or even as a social-critical novel. The interpretation is, of course, up to the reader. They contain a multitude of symbols and references to be understood only by those in the know, however, the paintings will also capture the attention of those who do not understand their iconography and are “only” intrigued by their strong emotionality and aesthetic suggestiveness. The composition is that of a theatrical or movie mise-en-scene, has thoroughly thought-out pictorial plans with expressively stylized characters, which are people as well as phantoms and things. The scenes set in a distorted space with dramatic lighting have an eclectic atmosphere: they are reminiscent of Pre-Raphaelites, Surrealists, Art Nouveau and Romanticism.