Galerie Kontext 11 12 — 05 02
opening — 10 12 2019 17:30

The fifty stairs in Galerie Kontext contributed to thousands and thousands of climbs and ascends in 2019 and thanks to Richard Loskot they are now accompanied by seven spirals. The author subjected the area of Galerie Kontext to a year-long study which concluded in a final diptych Ups and Downs / Downs and Ups. 

The central theme of the series, under the name of From the Cycle of Spirals, is the aforementioned architectonic element of stairs navigating visitors through the space and at the same time vitally defining it. At the end of the year the cycle ends with a fitting commentary upon the motif of the sun movement.

“The eighteen-meter-long graphic spreading across three floors moves slowly evoking the movement of a paternoster elevator. It creates four images – windows overlooking the same scene, which is every time in a different phase depending on which window it is. The sun in the sky is under a half a degree angle. It moves slowly and creates the most distinctive rhythm of our environment.”