Dana Balážová, Eva Brodská, Lucie Kralíková

The exhibition connects an elemental life-giving element and a powerful symbol preserved for many ages - fire. In the background of the creation of the installation and equally important live actions will be both the photo and video archive of the artists themselves, as well as the collaborative creation of situations associated with prepared scrums of plants, fragrant woods, rattlesnakes and elements washed by ocean waves. The central object will become the hearth as sculptural object, the rising smoke and the many-voiced (or silent) prayer as a means of connecting with ancestors present, future and past in one precious time. A purposeful time-lapse collection of video and photo material of fires from different seasons and gardens, supported by careful drying and gathering of herbs, plants and other found material will give rise to opportunities for gathering over specific scents and themes within the courtyard and the gallery itself.