Šimon Chovan

Šimon Chovan's exhibition project Almanac of Wounds presents his diploma work. It adheres to a strong material sensibility, combining organic substances such as beeswax and ochre pigment in contrast with inorganic ones such as metal or silicone. She casts, cuts, dissolves and stages her objects into complex, organized wholes that resemble structures and systems of various types: human, natural or artificial. This visual narrative creates a fictional vision in which the present meets the future, the personally acquired (such as the soil and wax from the artist's birthplace) meets the prefabricated. This singular sculptural practice touches on many contemporary themes such as environmentalism, the Anthropocene, the irreversibility of new technologies, and alliances, all of which are relevant to Chovan, but within this project the artist also focuses on the interdisciplinary concept of plasticity as defined by French philosopher Catherine Malabou - as a fundamental operation, a reciprocal overlapping of form between the empirical (or material) and the noetic (or mind); the ability to crystallize form as well as destroy it.