From Book to Book

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 20 09 — 28 10
opening — 19 9 2017

We automatically use the index finger to stroke the screens of our smartphones or tablets to scroll through hundreds of images, access links, save and share data. We use the same index finger to flip through the pages of books, to wander along lines of text, to tap on important places. Haptic contact with information still survives in today's digital age. The exhibition “From Book to Book” presents three artistic projects that started with book sources found in antique shops in various places in Central Europe.

Their message, aesthetic character and historical context have been the starting point for the creation of new works whose “logical” form of publication is precisely a book. “A book you are and to book you will return”. This could be the common motto of all the exhibited projects instigated and produced by the renowned art center Banská St a nica Contemporary.

The exhibition draws attention to simple yet remarkable moments: that the (artist’s) book is a continuously strong genre, that archival themes do not limit but support the effectiveness of the message, or that reading them allows us to touch – to be “initiated” – into diverse cultural codes.