Gallery Kontext 2022 / Katarína Klusová

Galerie Kontext 01 02 — 31 12

This year, Galerie Kontext is focused on conceptual comprehension of existing exhibitions that are being shown in both main exhibition spaces of Galerie TIC. These additional supplements take on many diverse formats according to what the audience but also the exhibitors require. The flexibility with which these activities can be organized is essential for the Kontext cycle. For instance they might appear in the shape of workshops, lectures, additional expositions or performances. Activities are organized to fit and expand upon the particular exhibition in effort to provide a deeper understanding of the works exhibited. 


The visitors are therefore provided with a continual and often collective experience which goes beyond visiting the exhibition and reading the accompanying texts. As an analogy from other fields, the Kontext cycle seems like a fan club that motivates its members towards self-development and activity. It is the birth of an art scene fanbase.

5.4. 2022 from 18:00 / Kontext_2 / Lukáš Prokop
21. 5. from 18:00 / Kontext_3 / Barbora Kleinhamplová (Part of the program of Brno Museum Night 2022)