Golden Ratio (In Spiral)

Galerie Kontext 03 04 — 04 05
opening — 02 04 2019 17:30

In 2019, the konText gallery´s exhibition program will undergo significant changes. Curatorial collective Café Utopia (Marika Kupková, Zuzana Janečková, Markéta Žáčková, Katarína Hládeková) will be entrusting eight dates typically reserved for multiple curators and artists, to a single artist, Richard Loskot. Allowances of time and space brought about by this new format will be used by the artist to express a sequentially changing concept across eight stages. Instead of diverse, smaller exhibitions throughout the course of the year, he will create four exhibition diptychs intertwined with a common site-specific thread addressing the character of the gallery´s staircase and corridors.

The artist bases his central motif on an ascending pair of parallel, helical staircases as a kind of metaphorically perceived spiral. With a simple scheme, it is easy to reveal complex concepts of human perception, e. g. time, progress, learning and improving or history and evolution. In the first one of trenches, he draws from the physical principles of the periscope, which enable us to literally see around corners. In combination with the spiral motif this creates a sort of a jump in time and space, which can be experienced right here in our corridors.
Also in the following cycle of interventions, Richard Loskot (*1984) proves within his works that he is an artist interested in the perception at both his empirical and the cognitive level. 

In his installations, technology is often used, but not in awe of the latest advances or related visual trends, rather as a means to allow us to extract, to be aware of our own way of thinking and perceiving the world. Richard Loskot is considerably sensitive towards the architectural and social features of the surrounding environment, which he highlights using non-pretentious but aesthetically precise interventions making use of the physical and optical characteristics of materials (such as time or light reflection). No drama or overwhelmed senses, no history of technology and rearview mirror perspectives, instead, highlighted awareness for every one of us.