I came here to hide

Kino CIT 21 06 — 29 07
vernisáž — 20 6 2023

The present is full of spirits of the past, and there are many ways they are entering the life of the living one (to quote Vinciane Despret). But how to not be possessed by their story?

Zoé Couppé, born in Nevers, wants to counter an intergenerational curse that had struck her family. Her grand-mother lost her mind, and during an episode of madness went to hide in the shrine of Saint Bernadette. Publishing this film is like a spell to prevent this madness from repeating itself against her.

«I came here to hide» was said by Bernadette Soubirous while escaping to Nevers after she had vision in the cave of Lourdes. She wanted to remain hidden, but her body is now on display in a glass coffin in Nevers, as a proof of her sanctity. Through this film, the author questions the role of sanctity and madness, and measures herself on this question. Is the film showing it or hiding it?

Can memory be transparent like the fading skin of her grand-mother?

I came here to hide (Je suis venue ici pour me cacher)

 Length : 13'17
Creator : Zoé Couppé
Starring : Gaïa Warnant
Director of Photography : Jan Rajmont,
Light Design : Filip Dušek
Editing : Dorian Vallet-Oheix, Zoé Couppé
Music, Sound : Ryo Baldet
Graphic Design : Guilhem Prat

2023, shot in Říčka Valley, Czech Republic

The film was created with the financial support of TIC Gallery Brno and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology