in 600 million years

Galerie Kontext 07 08 — 07 09
opening — 06 08 2019 17:30

With his fourth intervention in the spiral staircase of the experimental space in the konText TIC Gallery, Richard Loskot complements the second of his intended series of diptychs. Throughout the year-long authorship programme, he continues to use the central motif of the spiral; this time he shifts his attention from the distant past (as it was in the previous installation called 600 milionů let (“600 million years”)) to the distant future. No wonder that when there is speculation regarding the evolution of living organisms in the current period of environmental scepticism, he thinks about plants and not humans. 

As if the Earth should tautologically return to its pre-human period “in 600 million years”. So what will the future floral, perhaps “post- human”, world look like? The essence of plants – photosynthesis – remains the prerequisite for their existence in the artist’s notion. Photosynthesis is also linked to the preservation of earthly nutrients, the sun and water. If we disregard the likelihood of this version of the future universe, Loskot’s fantasy plants can sometimes move (just like the walking trees in the rainforests of Ecuador). 

They are perhaps acquiring new aspects of consciousness or their form is altered by our current efforts to effect genetic manipulation. From the infinitely open field, however, he primarily deals selectively with their aesthetic form and, by extension, with the potential to create an atmosphere and evoke an emotional experience. He uses a 3D parametric program to design his ideas and cooperates with Vítězslav Plavec.