Galerie Kontext 16 05 — 16 06
opening — 15 05 2019 17:30

Second from the series of the year-round interventions by Richard Loskot in the Kontext gallery directly follows his previous installation. It consisted of a set of mirroring areas arranged in the two-floor helical staircase, thus allowing view from the ground floor, through the foyer of the 1st floor with entrances to the gallery and cinema, up to the gallery offices, which are located at the 2nd floor. In this way, the mirror reflections allow to see the entire building in its both architectonic and institutional character through vertical section in its wholeness. The author now completes his mirror configuration with a fundamental element – the light. The image transfer is therefore widened, “compiled” by another optical principle.  

The title of this exhibition episode – Induction – has two referential frameworks. The first one refers to the physical principle, characteristic for the Richard Loskot´s works. In this case, it is the evocation, rather than real usage of electromagnetic induction. In relation to the term induction, we as laymen imagine helical shape of a conductive coil and energy, which flows through it. In this manner, we can perceive also the spiral of the staircase, through which the author sends the light flow. The other of the references is connected with the type of logical assumption, that is directed from specific cases to general conclusions. 

Moreover, it is also way of thinking, which functions as a base of scientific positivism and rationality, actually contested so many times by the artists. This artistic intervention (into the intervention) therefore can be perceived merely as a theme and reference to the induction, rather than as an example of the induction. When you realise it, you will understand the wit and subversion of Loskot´s approach combining and many times literally mirroring poles of seen dualities, such as reflection – reality or induction – deduction. Interpretation of the work is then critical, playful and poetic commentary on the possibilities and limitations of human knowledge, which brings us straight to the Plato´s cave.