Black and white can be considered ghost colors – dead reminders of living colors. Colors that have faded away. All that remains is a memory in shades of grey. With light and shadow, we create doubles of reality. Mysterious reflections that have haunted our perceptions of the world for over 200 years. The photographic process as the art of ghosts, the conflict of phantoms. In Black Mirror, tour guide Katie explains to Cooper a new computer game she is testing: Welcome to the nineteenth century. No TV, no internet, no wi-fi. The fewer distractions, the more often people see ghosts. The continuity of visual stimuli produces a similar effect as the absence of it. Technical images glowing from monitors can induce visions just like a flame casting shadows on a wall. As technological innovations continually improve our ability to summon phantoms, the realm of the ghost expands. Hito Steyerl refers to low-quality, poor-resolution digital images as ghosts of an image.