Karolina Raimund

Karolina Raimund (formerly Kohoutková) is an artist, curator and educator whose artistic and pedagogical practice has long focused on body design and performance, addressing feminist and queerness themes.Identitarian issues related to corporeality in her work are complemented by environmentally engaged projects. These levels are interconnected in Karolina's upcoming exhibition, which takes as its starting point an artistic intervention in the landscape that is linked to a specific place, a 3600 m2 farmland in South Moravia, which is still listed as the property of the artist's late great-grandmother. This field is part of one large whole and is thus cultivated in a similar way to the communist regime. The monoculture area is currently made up of smaller plots of land owned by several owners, which are visible only in the drawing on the cadastral map. It is almost as if they did not exist. Karolína decided to remove her great-grandmother's piece of land from this "role", so that her great-grandmother's field would be both a mediator and a pretext for haptic exploration and understanding of the landscape in its former and ideally perhaps future form. The artwork will be based on classical agrarian practice and will thematise the different phases of land care. The project is based on the need to "experience oneself"; to tune in to the life of a great-grandmother. It also stems from the fear that the earth will become even more toxic in the future.It thus builds on the ideas and practice of ecofeminism and highlights the imbalance of human and natural forces. The work will run as a longer term project respecting the natural cycle and will be presented as a sensory exhibition finding partial responses to the character and iconography of the territory through art. Field Revival will be in consultation with a member of staff from the Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture, a public research institution.