The second exhibition of the App art cycle also focuses on the user experience which we all share thanks to mobile technologies. One of the phenomena of this experience is the so-called selfie: a self-portrait taken by a mobile device. In the context of the exhibition cycle we examine current technologies - apps and web pages - as modifications of the camera. Instead of displaying mainly images, we focus on the machines used to create them. The first exhibition Send Me To Endless Happy Warning presented among others the controversial app S.M.T.H. by Petr Svárovský that allows users of the app S.M.T.H. to film themselves as they are using it and then post the recordings on their social media. This time the exhibition focuses on a selection of artworks exploring the motif of the face which uniqueness is considered a part of our identity, identity we may have already sold. Darius Kazemi offers a simple tool for the creation of people. By one mere click we can generate a portrait of a non-existing person. The products are based on a neuron network consisting of a dataset of real people who are generally unaware that their photos were put in the dataset. Another displayed artwork is Strange Attractions by Lenka Hámošová who interrupted the process of a learning network before it was finished to reveal the disturbing picture of an algorithm attempting to figure out and pin point the proper human form.