The year-long exhibition cycle App Art in Galerie Kontext focuses on how shared user experience with mobile apps is reflected in production of apps with artistic content. The current exhibition pays closer attention to the textual component of apps which is present on multiple levels: texts for the user, texts related to the app operation and texts hidden from the user that ensure communication between the app and sites and other programs. Obvia Gaude by an artist duo Ľubomír Panák & Zuzana Husárová is a rather personal, sensual remediation of a poetic baroque text to a mobile app setting. The Bots of New York, a Facebook bot by the artist(s) Botmin, works with and parodies the famous project Humans of New York by using a neuron site. Furthermore, the app Nomin by Andreas Gajdošík thematizes another textual app level by offering visitors to send an email from an address of one of the famous curators and land, for themselves or for someone else, an exhibit opportunity that is difficult to obtain. Aforementioned approaches are tied in together by the Obsure motif app which reflects the poetics of annoying catchphrases of pop-up windows. It combines it with personal data research and our compulsive need to look for shortcuts in trying to understand each other, be it palm reading or screen reading.