Marie-Anna Šulc

Marie-Anna Šulc tries to search for utopian narratives in dystopian imaginings, thus creating a merging border between dystopia and utopia. She focuses on the question of intersectionality, the experience of bodies and feminist perspectives. The central work of the planned exhibition is the 7-minute video ballad Pelvic Chain, which deals with the theme of the body, its changes or extensions, and the belonging of crip/disabled bodies. The video avoids trauma dumping pathos and reflects on the power of bodily self-determination. In it, the authors draw on their own experience of invasive medical interventions following a serious accident. It thematizes bedriddenness, facing one's grief, traumatic hospital conditions, and care that often transcends violence, juxtaposed with the constant need to fuel oneself with belief in the power of one's body and its healing abilities. Through haunting melancholic imagery and evocative voice-over, Pelvic Chain's video shares the fears and doubts of the healing process and her new identity, and is the centerpiece of the gallery installation. A large screen of the film is accompanied by attributes that extend its environment into the physical gallery space: the stairs are covered by a wheelchair ramp, and a digital dream desert materializes in the room itself.