In her artistic work, the author deals with the phenomenon of manual labour and its economic and social nuances. This topic is treated in the form of a grotesque rather than a "serious" reflection. The stylised images quote the tradition of cartoon humour and contain references to the aesthetics of socialist realism, both in content and form. The artist's fascination with construction machines and building as a scale model of the world is also characteristic. This interest brings Markéta Soukupová to the environment of real buildings, to bricklayers, cranes or construction containers and the endless building of the city. In the Young Gallery, the artist creates a collapsing cityscape with uninhabited, disassembled units that serve no one, where only building materials are senselessly piled up. There is a sense of elusiveness, eternal change and futility from the dysfunctionality of the city and human labour. "We have to fix it" is a slogan that appears along roads and highways and sidewalks, in places where the road is dug up or, for now, maybe just leaky. But it often disappears before the actual work begins. The installation will be a scenery evoking the backdrop of a puppet theatre, complete with paintings and a mural. The objects play out stories through changing scenes, the wooden skeletons made of waste wood materials bear the signs of being buildings, a city. However, the wooden standing figures in work clothes are calm and do not let themselves be disturbed from " zevling".