“Special Feature”

Galerie Kontext 05 04 — 06 05
opening — 4 4 2017

Martin Lukáč (*1989, Piešťany) studied at the Painting Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, graduating in 2016. He is one of the distinctive talents of the emerging generation of painters, which was confirmed by his first place in the ninth annual Critic’s Award for Young Painting (2016) – the expert jury appreciated his tendency towards “unbridled painterly vivacity”. In the same year, he was represented in the selection show of young art Against Nature at the National Gallery Prague. 

His work is characterized by an expressive gestural quality, which, however, includes almost calligraphic moments – the movement between representation and abstraction, the tension between figure and background – and work in larger pictorial cycles or diptychs using repetition and transformation of a single motif. He has presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, including last year at I: project space in Beijing, Leto Gallery in Warsaw, Ivan Gallery in Bucharest, Fait Gallery Preview in Brno and Nevan Contempo gallery in Prague.

Lukáč’s exhibition at KonText will conclude the long-term exhibition project Most:Brno-Prha, which was a collaboration between Brno’s TIC and Prague’s Nika gallery, with the aim of thematizing the relationship between the two cities.