The Audience Award together with Jindřich Chalupecký Award has been granted since 2002. Audience chooses one of the finalists by voting via internet or directly at the venue of final exhibition. Previously, the Audience Award was granted to such artists as Anna Hulačová, Lukáš Karbus, Richard Loskot, Rafani, Alena Kotzmannová, Tomáš Moravec or Jakub Hošek. In December, in Brno, Jindřich Chalupecký Society in cooperation with TIC Galleries will introduce selection of artworks by the Audience Award winners from past years with short video-interviews about the meaning and value of this award.
The exhibition aims to go beyond the level of recapitulating the past and its main purpose is to actively address coming audience – with the aid of various strategies to achieve a state, where the viewer vividly becomes self-aware of their significant role as an agent in perceiving and creating the meaning of individual artworks and the exhibition as a whole.
Purpose of the project is to promote and draw the attention to opinions of broader spectrum of the (contemporary) art audience. Naturally, their evaluation of the art isn´t formed by same meters or requirements, as those of professional committee , which chooses the laureate of Jindřich Chalupecký Award, but if we don´t want the contemporary art to be trapped in the safety of an ivory tower, it is necessary to pay attention to broader audience – to go forth it, but not to underestimate it.

Jana Vojnárová (*1982, Prague) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague; she studied in the studios of Vladimír Skrepl, Michael Rittstein and guest teacher Silke Otto Knapp. She also completed a study internship at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 2014 she won first prize in the Kunstpreis der Leinemann-Stiftung competition in Berlin. She is a masterful painter, for whom the human (especially female) figure has long been the basic building block of a painting, usually abstracted and fragmented, fused with an indeterminate pictorial space.

Výstava Pavla Jestřába zahajuje celoroční program galerie konText, který je součástí projektu Most: Brno-Praha. Tento projekt propojuje brněnskou galerii konText a pražskou galerii Nika a je založený na výměně umělců, kteří už zde vystavovali. Základní obsahovou osou celého projektu je pak vztah mezi Brnem a Prahou / Prahou a Brnem, jakožto hlavními metropolemi České republiky, a potažmo mezi Čechy a Moravou. V galerii konText proběhne v roce 2016 osm výstav umělkyň a umělců, kteří v minulosti vystavovali v Nice, Nika – malá galerie VŠUP do svého programu pod stejným klíčem zařadí čtyři výstavy.