Horizon line crosses layers of various surfaces, in order to make possible the creation, right in front of your eyes, of a country, which lacks signifiers of cultivation, human intervention. It proposes basic symbols of Zen Buddhism meditation, i. e. a mountain, river, rock or stone. Criteria are various, open to mutual dialogue. Material, which was elaborately processed by a human hand, builds a bridge between civilisation and nature; by composing the adapted found materials, Teresa has been using this in her works for long time. Regardless the dominance of sculptural language, within the entire installation presence of the photography studies at the FAMU in Prague can be felt. This lays the base for Teresa´s countries entering the exhibition spaces, as stratified, three-dimensional pictures with overall symbolic look. Question, whether the mountain is really blue and river still flows, expands the character of installation name changing from classical haiku into silent contemplation of loosened temporality, remote from the pace of our digitalized reality.