The most cultivated public toilet / VýTěr 2023

Galerie mladých 11 10 — 25 11
Opening — 10 10 2023

"We both wanted to apply to VýTěru as artists, because we are both studying at FaVU and actively creating, but also as curators, because we tend to combine different perspectives and create space for dialogue."

In the end, Magdalena applied as an artist and Viktória as a curator. As they thought through their joint project, they reflected on their interests and positions, and it became apparent that the boundaries between the two disciplines can merge to some degree and may not be so different, and they plan to report directly on this in the exhibition.
The exhibition is a dialogue in which the artists reflect on their own and institutional positions as artist and curator. In doing so, they use spatial and sculptural forms, work with text and performance.

Viktória Citráková is focused on literature and theatre. She is interested in the visuality of the written word, social overlaps and institutional critique. She has a long-standing interest in automatic writing, visual poetry and performance. She is the co-author of the student production I Want to Tell You Something, which premiered this year at Co.Labs.

Her exhibition projects include Sorry I have some stuff to do in Slovakia... (Galerie Sibiř, 2023), Letters to be-loved (Zlin Design Week, 2022), Besne (KLUB, 2019).

In her work, Magdalena Šimurdová gradually moves from the universal themes of perception, space, material and their interrelationships to an intimate search for inner connections, environment and object. Formally, she moves on the border of minimalism and poeticism, landscape and artifact, jewellery, object and installation.

Her recent exhibition projects include Knit a bit ((A)VOID gallery, 2023), The shape of intimacy (Káznice, 2023), New Space (Divadlo na výstavišti, 2023), It's not my blood type - cell interconnection ((A)VOID gallery, 2022), Trembling on the Edge (Krypta, 2022), etc.