The Third Half

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 19 02 — 04 05
opening — 19 02 2019 17:30

One of the basic principles of logic, the law of excluded middle states that either one of two contradicting statements must be true. There is no third, middle option.
The fictive, androgynous identity engendered ten years ago and developed ever since by the collaboration of János Borsos and Lilla Lőrinc, has been effortlessly toppling such axioms of logic for years. On the occasion of their solo exhibition at Galerie TIC, building on the dichotomy of the two opposite poles while at once surpassing it, the artists make an attempt to transcend the logical systems they have constructed for themselves over the last years. 

In a manner leaving behind their distinctive themes, the critique of national identity, their subsequent explorations into couple’s therapy and the individual mythological universe of black enamel paint constructed in close connection with these, the current exhibition marks new frontiers for Lőrinc Borsos. This identity - which is a synthesis of the two poles - is now extended with a third co-creator, Daniel Hüttler, thus giving rise to a new unit (Another Name) founded on mutual self-relinquishment.
The exhibition space appears like some night club accommodating neo-occult, techno-spiritualist séances, in which the repetitive beats and fetish objects are complemented with diverse biblical, alchemical and mythological allusions.

With the help of fetish objects, inward trips, spiritual retreats, or even a 12-step program based on a personal and fearless moral inventory, the exhibition is an attempt to reconstruct some already existing frameworks. It proposes such new systems that allow extremities, the categories of good and evil, you and me, or other bipolar opposites to dissolve in each other, systems that make it conceivable to cross over between different worlds and are capable of creating space for the third half.