There is only the present, from the series SPIRÁL volume 3

Galerie Kontext 18 09 — 19 10
opening — 17 09 2019 17:30

In the third upcoming diptych for the konText Gallery, Richard Loskot again bases his work on the spatial specifics of a spiral staircase and on the metaphorical potential of a helix or spiral that follows the shape of the stairs. This time the storey becomes the leitmotif – it is a place that is almost identical in every building, but its contents are always different. 

Surely everyone has taken a paternoster, passing floors and often only navigating them by their numerical markings. For Richard Loskot, the repetitive nature of the individual floors becomes the moment upon which he builds his installation titled There is only the present. The physical movement through a staircase to one floor higher (or lower) plays a cyclical part, where individual acts are infinitely repeated (and changed). 

With a persistent reference to Hegel’s spiral, the artist has installed two large screens and video cameras in the staircase corridor, and by means of a time-shift along with image manipulation, he has created the impression of “unobvious” mirrors. In this way he symbolically returns to the starting point of the total reflection, which he created for his first intervention with a series of successive mirrors.