Sands of microworld 2.0 is a long-term project of a loosely associated group of Slovak and Czech artists: Michal Žilinský, Jakub Roček, Petr Jambora, and Jakub Němec. The collective works with the medium of scenic installation, 3D animation, and with the topic of global environmental crisis. The author of the sound intervention is Tomáš Moravanský. The curator of the project is Marianna Brinzová.

During summer, the projection room of CIT Cinema at Radnická turns into a space for site-specific installations, revising the medium of moving pictures and the conditions of cinema projection. Adam Turzo’s Spectacle: Residuum stops time in the middle of one sequence or film frame as we find ourselves in a black space between action and reaction, at the point of completed destruction, just before fully realizing the consequences of this action. The act of extinction is, however, not a sudden and unpredictable accident, rather it puts us in the animal skin from the fable about a boiling frog.