Galerie mladých 24 01 — 24 02
opening — 23 01 2018 17:30

In her Tumbleweed project, Eva Rybářová focuses on questions of seemingly intimate feeling of ungraspable impulses, which in fact lead to shared, often generic and much generalized aesthetic symbols. In the strict sense, the author compares the use of basic English as a possible poetic language and the deconstruction of images from the photobanks. 

For her, a photobank presents a visual archive defining common criteria of the mainstream aesthetic values. She works similarly with sound and typography banks. Using branched rows of allusions, she refers to romantic motive of exploring the relationship between the individual and their environment and world as to a functional device for studying the nature of contemporary life in a developed country. Main secret to immersing into the depths of the 

Tumbleweed exhibition structures is the understanding of poetic experiment. In the collection of poems with same title, the author uses basic English as a standardized aesthetic language free from nuances needed for individual identification. She construes real experience with technology, globalisation or the Internet, so that she can reveal to what extent our experiences are same, or how little of same sources are needed, so that we come to different conclusions.