Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 27 03 — 06 07
Opening — 26 03 2024

Anetta Mona Chișa is one of the outstanding personalities of contemporary Czech visual art. Her work on the verge of object creation, architecture and design contains a multilayered system of thought references and cultural quotations. Matter, image, body, movement and time figure here as something changeable and relational that we all create right here and now. And the exhibition can be a medium that can lead us towards to the resembling thoughts, that used to pass us by.

How? Through aesthetic seductiveness, by activating the senses and heightened sensitivity. Anetta manages to use these qualities cleverly. Her art is not afraid of "beauty" but uses it as a functional medium to communicate other meanings. It allows us to become aware of even apparent opposites such as the big detail and the whole, the virtuality and the material, the living and the non-living or the human and the inhuman. It also allows us to feel our fundamental connection with other people, animals, plants, minerals, dust, etc., whether this connection is material or symbolic.