Cores and shapes: Mr. Šťovíček's gallery

Galerie Kontext 16 09 — 31 12
opening — 15 09 2020 17:30

The next exhibition from the Core & Shapes series will present the Mr. Šťovíček´s Gallery. In addition to the main theme of the cycle, which is the phenomenon of Brno's independent showcase galleries, this volume opens several sub-themes, which, however, probably exceed the original theme by their significance.
Mr. Šťovíček's Gallery was located in one of the buildings of the former textile factory Vlněna from the 19th century.
In the first decades of the 21st century, part of the dilapidated complex served as art studios and other occasional cultural events were held here.

Given that a large part of the tenants, despite the contract for the lease of non-residential premises for cheap money, also lived here, we can talk about Vlněna of that time as one of the few examples of an art squat in Brno.
Despite the efforts to save the valuable complex (with reference to its historical and architectural features, and also its significance for an independent culture scene), the original Vlněna was demolished in 2016 and replaced by new office buildings.
In their exhibition, Michaela Dašková and Oldřich Morys, who operated the gallery in 2012 – 2013, decided to thematize this rapid transformation, which irreversibly changed the appearance and function of the complex.

While they themselves will enter the places where the gallery (in the showcase located on the staircase on the ground floor of the non-existent building) approximately stood, the original space for the exhibition (on the staircase to the first floor of the TIC Gallery) was offered for presentation to the current developer of the Vlněna project, CTP company.
The new office building on the one hand and the gallery of contemporary art on the other will thus become places of confrontation between two contradictory cultural approaches.