Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 07 06 — 29 07
opening — 6 6 2017

The exhibition entitled Extensions is a metaphorical portal that takes the viewer not only to the stage but also to the staged backstage. The display in the imaginary "front" inherently creates a manipulative environment; the behavior in the "backstage" is closer to the real self. It is here that the communication of something beyond the impression given by the scene can be carefully constructed. In the case of Extensions, the viewer is free to choose which of the situations becomes for them an extension of one of the two acts presented, without the primary features of either polarity being imposed upon them. 

Daniela Dostálková and Linda Dostálková work with the awareness that the exhibition Extensions in its entirety, exclusively conceived for the space of Galerie TIC, challenges the stability of the processes associated with staging two parallel situations: the "frontstage" and the "backstage". In doing so, it brings the viewer to a shared consensus or extended meaning of one of their preferred situations. Extensions is another in a series of exhibitions by Daniela Dostálková and Linda Dostálková, where the creation of the artwork itself leads primarily to the expression of the process of its creation: the methods applied update established genres, mixing or rejecting each other, with an emphasis on the institutional context in which the works are presented. 

An integral part of the autonomous hybrid practice of both artists is a para-agency called Institutional Homeopathy©. Under this label, they provide a service that tends to expand the boundaries of their action: responding to the situation related to the operation and structure of gallery institutions, organizations, or to the personalities of the artists themselves.