Galerie mladých 18 04 — 19 05
opening — 17 04 2018 17:30

Last summer I administered applications for the 2018 open call into the Galerie mladých. Last month I ’ve been receiving few applications a day. I recall dedicating more time to the Lukáš’s one. His texts were brief and direct, stuff in his portfolio was the exact opposite. At the end, there was a link to a video, to the documentary of his installation in the underground gallery in Košice town center, its beginnings were initiated and the space is run by him. Virtual video tour guided me through couple of corridors and rooms, complexly changed to a perfect, yet inorganic land full of lights, reflections, pictures, flowers objects and illuminating furry boxes. He’d been creating the environment for four months.

Kanrec Sakul is a pseudonym of an art brut represen tative from Košice town, Lukáš Čerňák. He’s a painter, but last year he’s been intensively creating objects from the plastic materials, polymer clay, fake furs, painted clothes, aluminum foil and LEDs. The objects look like phantasy lands or caves with unclear, amorphous borders. He devotes most of his time to the creation of these lands. They often have irregular shapes, usually are small display cases, autonomously physical zones of the universe made by their author. 

He can work with various scales. He tailored four display cases, chapels, just for the konText gallery. They move and glow. Within the open call concept, the meeting of the gallery board and suggestion of artworks for realization was part of the gallery exhibition. Authors – applicants could have visited the meeting in person. Lukáš has arrived too and in his rucksack he brought one of his objects, a miniature box, from outside covered with a blue fake fur, from inside packed with metallic flora and LEDs. We approached him immediately with an exhibition offer in the konText gallery.