“I am not sure about your concern, but it’s really nice.” Rucola

Galerie mladých 14 11 — 08 12
opening — 13 11 2018 17:30

Showroom or exhibition in the installation process? Hybrid form. As well as with the plants and animals, even within art the interbreeding occurs. Indications of contemporary aesthetics are live plants, DIY objects, royal blue and perfectly technically elaborated video-documentaries or presentations of fictiotius events and products. All from a perspective of refined and exactly arranged aesthetics, but appearing randomly. Given situation encourages a dialogue and stimulates thoughts about ways, how to approach the live plants not only as decorations, but also as living organisms. Thirsty flowers arouse pity and thoughts on the reasons, why they are in bad condition. 

 It´s been proved, that if you talk with your flower in a nice manner, it is more fulfilled and grows better. Even the plants, which are in bad condition, may by such care get over it. Care in the Rucola project resolves around conceptualism, activism, graphic and product design and DIY art with the ambition to create a platform for the development and presentation of new product prototype – smart watches. The watches visually attract potential users by their DIY aesthetics with cable sleeves, but their function is not only aesthetical, and they draw the attention to the need of regular maintenance care of the plants in the household.  

Also the choice of specific species, the arugula or rucola, is not random, the plant is essential for discussion between both artists, and regarding the increased promotion and popularity of rucola in recent years, it reflects current preferences in the gastronomy. It also opens up question, whether it is even desirable for people to get used to the fact, that there is something what draws their attention to something, in order not to forget about it.