I deserve wellness II.

Galerie mladých 19 02 — 23 03
opening — 19 02 2019 17:30

Fundamentals of Max Dvořák´s (*1990) works are the text and the narrative, specifically the talks of anonymous actors. In the exhibition in Galéria mladých (Youth Gallery), we have confronted these talks within controlled setting of a videoinstallation turned inside out. At its core lays a monologue of a man, who is simultaneously presented in sound and visual form. 

At one hand, we perceive him from the sound monologue, which becomes our own internal voice and cannot be escaped; on the other hand, we watch him in a simultaneous transcript of the sound track presented on a reading device, all this brings us to a special situation, when we become a potential object of his interpretation by double perceiving the text.
The project combines and transforms strategies of the videoinstallation and the radio play, while aiming at our maximum focus on the text. It presents specific form of film: when read, the running text is translated into moving picture, which we create, or you could say “play” in our heads. 

Through monologue of an unknown man, the author analyses very specific, “crooked” feature of people, who are able to act very selfishly and at the same time to interpret this behaviour as the best possible, and in addition to lead other people into it. Basically, it can be perceived as a commentary on the society of late capitalism, which presents this kind behaviour as standard.