Immaterial Girl

Galerie Kontext 09 05 — 29 07
Galerie Kontext 2023
curator Jakub Polách
Immaterial Girl
We are living in a postindustrial world of immaterial labor and I am Immaterial Girl.
Curated by Jakub Polách
Second entry into the cykle called We are living in sociaty is testing the possibilites of new compositions with social body in tiktok infosphere. What if the sensitivity of universal intelekt is leaking into the psychedelic nature of non-linear feeds? Can drag-dialectics make mind glitches in totalitaritan immaterialism? And would the language network of remix production even stand a chance to be something different then game of mirrors, which leads to inevitable crisis of overproduction, making bubbles which continualy breaks? Let´s try and see.

Jakub Polách is a micro-influencer, TikToker and designer. In his work, he oscillates between academia, memes and chatting online. As an art researcher, he focuses on the postliterate subjectivity of late capitalist consumers in the environment of social and mainstream media.