Gallery Kontext 2023
curator Jakub Polách
We Live in a Society
We're entering Galerie Kontext 2023 era. These new aesthetic videos will help you understand various contexts so much that you might even become a fairy, mermaid, emo, (don’t touch my tail!) fox, turtle, cat, dog, tiger, (don’t touch my jake!) hybrid princess. Your artsy poosay will cry. You will ascend to the hoevens. So chaotic yet so good. Explosioncore. Weirdcore-without-shitty-trauma-storiescore. Fuck-itcore. Ass-Leaves Academy. Trendy-hoe-core. My-mind-is-melting-please-someone-help-mecore. Slayyy.

Made by dezorientované tiktokové organismy
Curated by Jakub Polách 

Gallery Kontext 2023
curator Jakub Polách
Jakub Polách is a micro-influencer, TikToker and designer. In his work, he oscillates between academia, memes and chatting online. As an art researcher, he focuses on the postliterate subjectivity of late capitalist consumers in the environment of social and mainstream media.
Gallery Kontext will be streaming from Floptropica during 2023. The universe of this slang term centers around TikTok videos remixing Houston funeral company owner Deborah Ali-Williams or the computerized character Jiafei, a Chinese woman who recommends various advertising gimmicks in promotional sketches. Along with other aesthetically and sonically alarming sensations, they meet in scenes from the flop era set on the planet Floptropica. Genre-wise, the videos harken back to the brutal Badussy War period (1904-1991) and tend to be classified as productions of “Stan Twitter” users who satirically admire, use or abuse predominantly female icons and LGBTQ+ friendly meme references. As the title of the exhibition series suggests, the video art within Galerie Kontext will also focus on presenting scenes from the Czech art flop scene.

Second entry into the cykle called We are living in sociaty is testing the possibilites of new compositions with social body in tiktok infosphere. What if the sensitivity of universal intelekt is leaking into the psychedelic nature of non-linear feeds? Can drag-dialectics make mind glitches in totalitaritan immaterialism? And would the language network of remix production even stand a chance to be something different then game of mirrors, which leads to inevitable crisis of overproduction, making bubbles which continualy breaks? Let´s try and see. 

Third part of the cykle "We are living in sociaty", curated by Jakub Polách.

This year, in the niches of the Galerie Kontext, the outcomes of the series We live in a Society focused on the possibilities of increasing the reach of topics that are quite fundamental for a part of society and yet marginalised. 

Would a public podcast with an academic feat about feminism popularise an emotional and aesthetic-emotional visual companion? Could a lecture on leftist theory be more engaging than lip-sync? Would the spread of neo-Marxist ideas benefit from a 2.5x speed-up?

The culmination of the final part of Watch Whole Physically Free {2023} CZ/SK DABING even with Subtitles (Czech!) without any registration, can be found at Radnickí 4, 60200, Brno, offline and in HD quality, right on our ad-free Galerie Kontext.