We Live in a Society

Galerie Kontext 07 03 — 02 05
opening — 7 3 2023

Gallery Kontext 2023
curator Jakub Polách
We Live in a Society

We're entering Gallery Kontext 2023 era. These new aesthetic videos will help you understand various contexts so much that you might even become a fairy, mermaid, emo, (don’t touch my tail!) fox, turtle, cat, dog, tiger, (don’t touch my jake!) hybrid princess. Your artsy poosay will cry. You will ascend to the hoevens. So chaotic yet so good. Explosioncore. Weirdcore-without-shitty-trauma-storiescore. Fuck-itcore. Ass-Leaves Academy. Trendy-hoe-core. My-mind-is-melting-please-someone-help-mecore. Slayyy.
Made by dezorientované tiktokové organismy
Curated by Jakub Polách

Jakub Polách is a micro-influencer, TikToker and designer. In his work, he oscillates between academia, memes and chatting online. As an art researcher, he focuses on the postliterate subjectivity of late capitalist consumers in the environment of social and mainstream media.