Only place, about which we can say with certainty, that there´s life, is the planet Earth. Smart cities may in the future float on the water and fly through the universe. The life has bounced into the ability of producing dynamic lift power at many occasions, but the wings stay still important. God´s Work is a metaphorical initiation of flight, in which you can experience this uplift and beauty of nature in its rawness. The ability to absorb it and inability to bring this experience to gallery space were the main impulse for creation of this large-scale project. The exhibition is a journey here. It is possible to see it also from Taoist point of view, where the journey itself becomes both goal and work. All the traditional principles of the gallery organisation are disrupted and revaluated. Accompanying programs of the exhibition, are an equivalent or even main part of the project.  “Journey” in the exhibition involves visits of artists, who work with and in the nature, and also of the artists, who only observe nature and install it in the aseptic gallery space, which has also transformed into one of many journeys. Contrast of the artificial and natural is what allures us. The inaccuracy of place, time and experience. The accuracy of the moment. The ability to perceive now and here, to share without words, to contextualise without manipulation. Nature is form of both body and spiritual cleansing. The project does not have ordinary curator, nor the architect, it is a live socio-system, which acts on both layers – the exhibition as an experience superior to the anesthetisation of nature against the nature as a product of art and discourse.
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"A somatic exhibition was called holyverse in our jargon. It was embedded in and at the same time separate from the universe of time, space, sense and meaning. The entrance to the exhibition was a ritualized transit between the universe and the holyverse, between two different dimensions of the same reality. Pilgrims would be yanked from their everyday lives and hurled into a sacred spacetime, where their flabbergasted mindbody would be subjected to experiences unheard off on the outside. Holyverse swallowed them and affected them on various levels simultaneously - cognitive, emotional, sensory and cellular. The overall experience was formed by the permeability of the mindbody just as by the feng shui of the environment - the color of the light, direction of gravity, temperature of sound, taste of walls, elasticity of the floor, electromagnetic waves, flexibility of the atmosphere. Through proprioceptive bodily reactions, awakened by the environment, Pilgrims realized their presence in the Present and immersed themselves in the hidden layers of reality. They ceased to be Spectators who observe reality and became Participants who partake in it, through whom the reality is accomplished. The experience of embodied immersion brought forth a moment of instant hallowing."

A fragment from The Songs and Memories of Great Pekari, Last of the Facilitators