In the centre of Martina Holá´s project The Dog´s Days lays the analysis of a lost dog case, which has recently been in the media spotlight. By this seemingly banal situation, the author pointed out the omnipresent risk of human tendency to fall for emotional illusions. Holá also speculates about various opinions on the event itself. By revealing this contradiction of perspectives, the author opens up questions about nature of the objective truth. At the same time, she searches for ideal construction of a metaphorical fable, which spreads as a present folk tale. A performing rescue fire brigade, an organised fall of rocks, an animated caricature of the main character in this story – the lost dog, all these are parts of mosaic of complex environment created in the space of gallery. The hyperbole is achieved by exaggerating the elementary animation principles, simple performative etudes and deconstructing of film medium. Its aim is to highlight the subjectivity of creating representations of reality and the distortion of human perception.