Oozing Worlds into Being

Galerie mladých 09 03 — 23 04
vernisáž — 8 3 2022

Taking advantage of the opportunities created by the gaming industry, Lukáš Prokop (*1997) is building his own fictitious worlds embedded with particular functions. These characteristics are the building stones of an almost autonomous world; its semi-abstract biomorphic aesthetic is inspired by the author’s older automatic drawings. 

The aim of the video installation in the gallery is not only to observe the artistic results of this experimental world building but to also immerse the audience visually in deeper absorption of its inner natural relations. The exhibition is seemingly a twin of a project that Prokop introduced last year in the gallery Zaazrak|Dornych. 

It builds upon the commenced world-creating experiment in which he delves deeper into its turbulent causality. Created fiction balances on the very edge of its own self-reference and is forced to turn to mutagenic mythologization of the author’s fragmented work.