Open Call

Galerie U Dobrého pastýře 09 08 — 09 09
opening — 8 8 2017

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary Galerie mladých in Brno.  There is no more appropriate format than a performance to celebrate this type of institution. However, it is not about performances as an artistic genre, but about the performative concept, which will be the subject of this year’s open call. The Open Call paraphrases this typical dramaturgical practice and its history, as it has probably had as long an existence as the gallery’s open call program. What is usually closed behind the office door will this time take place in public: the selection committee will discuss the submitted projects directly in the gallery and, moreover, will allow interested artists to comment on their own projects “on the spot”, as was once the case in Galerie mladých. 

The gallery board meeting on 7 September will be rounded off with the announcement of the winners – the eight projects selected for the 2018 exhibition schedule. This event will be embedded in a four-week open-call exhibition presentation as a kind of random (but at the same time representative) database of contemporary Czech and Slovak art. The exhibition will allow for getting acquainted with the character of the submitted projects and de facto open the operation of Galerie mladých as such, including its operational background, to the viewer. The accompanying program will include expert and memorial reflections of other Czech and Slovak “sisters” of Galerie mladých, mostly now defunct institutions with identical names but unique fates (Bratislava, Nitra, Prague).

10.00 - 18.00: meeting of the gallery board composed of Katarína Hládeková, Ivana Hrončeková, Zuzana Janečková, Marika Kupková, Martin Mazanec, Jiří Ptáček
19.00: announcement of the Open Call results
Party + DJ’s (Téra and Jaroušek)